Hair Fair 2012 : Sand

Hair Fair 2012 : Sand

July 31, 2012 |  by  |  anya ohmai, events, lookbook

Hair Fair 2012 has closed its doors and wrapped up a great year for designers and coordinators alike. Last I heard the total amount they raised was over 2 million lindens for Wigs for Kids. I hope the coordinators give themselves a pat on the back for making it such a lag free and well-coordinated event.

My final posting is fairly late, but I believe most of these stores have been visited and shopped at. Sand was definitely my favorite sim and it was difficult for me to pick favorites since there were so many brands that I usually shop at. So what I did was really just picked out the hairs based on themes and just ran with that idea. I hope you guys enjoyed these themed shots I’ve done for Hair Fair, and it’s always something I look forward to doing every year for Hair Fair! Thank you to the designers for always being so terribly inspiring.

I’ve linked most of the SURLS to the creators’ main stores, and most of them will be available soon since the fair has closed. If they’re not out yet, do keep an eye on their stores; I’m sure they’ll be up soon!


Some of the hairs I picked out this time round are of usual big named brands, but Laviere is one that wouldn’t be commonly associated with hair making. Azure has been taking leaps and bounds creatively for both her brands, Teefy and Laviere, I’m glad to see her foraying into Hair which was something she has expressed interest in for a long long time. I’m so proud of the creations she did that I decided to feature 3 of her hairs, Eccentricity, Ambush and Freya. I love her shorter hairs a lot just because I think Azure does great tomboy styles that are still feminine.

Exile did great work this year too, this is one of those brands whereby I really should own and feature more hairs from them, but somehow never seem to have the opportunity to do so. Hair Fair is definitely a good excuse for me to feature them. The styles are romantic and sweet, and I love how some of them comes with attachable accessories so you have options to wear them with or without. Elikatira has always been one of my favorite hair stores, and without fail I bought most of her styles, but theme wise, I ended up only featuring Sparrow which is a low ponytail with the cutest blunt cut fringe ever available on hair.

Bubbles from Clawtooth did brilliant work on her rigged mesh hairs; they fit perfectly and move very well with the poses I tested them on too. I really liked Starlight, which has an adorable curl as a fringe. I’m really excited to see more of Bubble’s long hair with mesh available, something she has always done very well even with sculpties.

Decoy also released great hairs this time round which makes me wish they made more on a regular basis. Their hairs are always super soft and gentle, style and texture wise. I loved the side ponytail hair Ren, which was definitely my favorite from the bunch! Sugarsmack is a store whereby I can count on them making a very good updo or braided hair, this year Elan was my pick, a braided updo that can be worn in many different versatile ways.

Finally the last two brands I featured as well would be Illusory and Mons, both brands who usually create other lines of items other than hair. Mons bunned up hair, “Sweet Dreams” was adorraabbllee, I wished there was a version without the ribbon, because I just love the way she did that bun! Illusory had a few shaved hairs which provided great hair bases, but I decided to show Nostalgic, which was adorable. I vaguely remember my mum doing my hair like this when I was really young…. Fits Secondlife a lot more than real life to be perfectly honest.

So that concludes my picks from Sand, and also concluding this years Hair Fair recap from me. Thank you for all the lovely comments on flickr, it’s been fun!

Hair Hair Hair!

Click on the ‘+’ Signs next to each of the hair names/brands to see full credits of those headshots.

Hair Fair 2012 : Sand 1

Left Hair: Eccentricity by LaViere

Center Hair: Ambush by LaViere

Right Hair: Freya by LaViere

Hair Fair 2012 : Sand 2

Left Hair: Ren by Decoy

Center Hair: Elan by SugarSmack

Right Hair: Sea of Love by Exile

Hair Fair 2012 : Sand 3

Left Hair: Nostalgic by Illusory

Center Hair: Sweet Dreams by MONS

Right Hair: Sparrow by Elikatira

Hair Fair 2012 : Sand 4

Left Hair: Starlight by Clawtooth

Center Hair: Serendipity by Clawtooth

Right Hair: Wide Awake by Exile


  1. Lovely work sweet ohmai… I watched your pictures for ages with one question in mind… why emoters works sooo good on you… I look scary when I use them lol

  2. KENLLIX — Hey! Thank you so much! I actually look like crap with emoters as well, what I do is blend them in photoshop. So for example the Glitch themed one on the right (the girl with the bunny outfit) — that was a mix of Surprise and Tooth Smile emote.

    1. You take 1 shot with a tooth smile emote on
    2. Without changing the angle, you take a 2nd shot with the surprise emote on
    3. Go to photoshop, erase the mouth from the surprised shot and lay it over the first initial tooth smile shot.

    That way you get the wide eyes and the smile, without dismorphing the avatar mesh of second life. Play around with the different emotes and blend them that way, as long as you don’t change your angle whilst taking the shot, it should be very easy to erase and blend together. If its confusing, I can do a small tutorial on the blog for it :D
    I hope that helps!

  3. hahaha I always do that!!!!!!!!!!!! with my entire body tought… (¬.¬)It never cross my mind to do it with my face!!! even my rl picture in my profile is that way lol… for example

    btw… I would love a tutoral with any particular method you use in photoshop… as a designer is always interesting to see other people’s technique =)

  4. oh!!!! and where did you get the kitty on your head???!!! #MeCatsManiac! ;)

  5. KENLLIX Eeep I couldn’t view that photo, was a private picture lol. But I’ll definitely try and give that tutorial a shot :D The kitty was made by me and sue for the EPOCH event, it was a decor item, we never sold it though lolol….

  6. What adorable posts you have! So very creative and fun. Very lovely to view.

    Tho your comment type is sooooo small!! LOL

  7. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! you never sold the kitty!! #BEEP!!… I love your products btw I have your foxy scarf and the earmuffs… and the HP pet which name I can’t type #HPManiac lol

    and… mega lol for the picture… my bad… lets see if you can see (sorry foor the many see) it now… it’s not as good as yours but I’m still learning!! >>

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