Hair Fair 2012 : Garden

Hair Fair 2012 : Garden

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Hi folks, my postings might be running a little late since my body in real life has been giving way rather badly into fevers and eye infection *shakes fist*. Either ways do check out Hair Fair before they close on 29th July, which is in 4 days time! Even though most hairs will be available after Hair Fair itself, buying a hair now donates a percentage to Wigs for Kids that is a really good cause!

I’ll keep posting till the final sim is done though just as a personal project of mine! I hope you guys enjoy!


As I accidently placed Nikita Fride’s hair into my Flower sim post, I’m taking Miamai from Flower and putting it with these Garden sim hairs. I don’t own many hairs from Miamai but every Hair Fair, I do make it a point to visit as I always end up finding at least one of their hairs very inspiring. This year, I loved “Giselle” which is a braided updo bun, and braids are a favorite of mine when it comes to hairstyles. Their hairbases are very versatile as well and comes with every updo they offer.

Fashionably Dead was definitely a high point in Hair Fair. Toast has always made interesting hand drawn looking hair and this year with mesh at designer’s fingertips, she did long styles “Saturday” and “Sunday” which are just brilliant. The natural messy way it looks is something that I love from Fashionably dead. Obviously their brown tones are also some of my favorites on the grid.

LeLutka is yet another store that’s a MUST to visit, just because I feel like their designers have gotten mesh hair down to a tee. From the smart attachment points, to the well rigged hair, coupled with their usual brilliance in texturing, Lelutka’s hair are always super versatile and gorgeous. My favorites were “Magdalen” and “Versage”.

Finally if you’re a male avatar, which this brand make me wish I were, you definitely need to hop over to “INK”. I first found this store from Newreem’s recommendation, it’s always fun for the both of us to find new Asian designers on the grid simply because their aesthetics are always something we like and they’re always a lot less exposed to the community as well. INK’s textures are shiny like most Asian brands but not too much that they become cartoonish. I really like their cinnamon color too, and the styles are interesting and varied enough for mens. Its rare to find a store completely dedicated to mens item, but this is definitely one you should look at.

Speaking about mens, Entente also released hairs – I know they’ve been doing a few for a while but I’ve never quite gotten a chance to demo and look at them. The textures are lovely and I wish they fitted my head a lot better and was modifiable through edit rather than a hud (which I find rather difficult to be perfectly honest). But I do really like the mens offering they gave.

Iren did a lovely long hairstyle that works best with a hairbase of some sort, I wish those were included in the pack like some of her other hairs. I bought most of her styles but “Melanie” was definitely my favorite.

Rosy Mood and W&Y are also usual appearances in Hair Fair, this year I loved both the bob hairstyles they offered and just had to pair them up together. Rosy Mood also has this adorable ‘Goldfish’ hairstyle, which I found humorous and adorable. W&Y offers hair paired with a straw hat that was lovely for usual casual day wear as well.

I hope you guys enjoy these compilations!

Click on the ‘+’ Signs next to each of the hair names/brands to see full credits of those headshots.

Hair Fair 2012 : Garden 1

Left Hair: Giselle by Miamai

Center Hair: Saturday by Fashionably Dead

Right Hair: Melanie by Iren

Hair Fair 2012 : Garden 2

Left Hair: Bob01(A) by Waka&Yuki

Center Hair: Laurent by Entente

Right Hair: Satsuma by Rosy Mood

Hair Fair 2012 : Garden 3

Left Hair: NATUM by INK

Center Hair: ABSP by INK

Right Hair: YOKE by INK

Hair Fair 2012 : Garden 4

Left Hair: Versage by LeLutka

Center Hair: Magdalen by LeLutka

Right Hair: Marie by Fashionably Dead

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