Red Packet Hunt Cheat Sheet

Red Packet Hunt Cheat Sheet

February 16, 2010 |  by  |  events

Hunt Time: Feb 14th 1PM SLT – Mar 1st 1PM SLT.

The Spring Festival is here!
This event is celebrated by various Asian cultures in many different ways.
In Chinese tradition, on Spring Festival unmarried folks visit their elder’s homes to pay their respects, in return they get rewarded with Red Packets containing money.
In Secondlife, you pay your respects to stores and in return get Red Packets containing gifts!

Designers Participating:
alaMood Boutique, Allep Jeans, ARAI, Atelier AM, Aurora Shop, AY.Line, BeetleBones, Bunny B, Cockles, couverture, DUBOO, Dustarrz, glow studio, hair Oh, Happy Finds, insignia, KENZIE&CO, kik, Lark, Leafy, LG Concept, Love Soul, Mah poor Quality, Mango Mango, Miseria, mocha, Modd G, Mother Goose’s, MudHoney, MY UGLYDOROTHY, NINIKO, Ohmai, (OMFG) I Love it, oyakin, PIDIDDLE, Pig, rcbg, RunoRuno, Slash Me Poses, tee*fy, This is a Fawn, tomoto, Whippet & Buck

As some of the items can be difficult to find, read more for the Cheat/Hint Sheet to this event!

#1 – !Ohmai

Hint: Which piggy took it?

#2 – Aurora Shop

Hint: When you buy skirts, remember to check both front and back!

#3 – ~*RunoRuno*~

Hint: Would you like this top in red?

#4 – alaMood Boutique

Hint: Look up!

#5 – :Happy Finds::

Hint: I am right in front of your face~

#6 – hair Oh

Hint: I do love my lashes!

#7 – MudHoney

Hint: Within the previous folder consist the wrong LM; use this one instead.
Using the right LM, take a good stroll~

#8 – couverture

Hint: Oh pretty dresses, you are such good shelter!

#9 – Whippet & Buck

Hint: You’ve done a good job so far, so why not take a break at the back porch? There’s a good view there!

#10 – rbcg.

Hint: Whats new whats new whats new?!


Hint: 3 items here
1/3; Hot hot hot!
2/3; Santa Baby… hurry down the chimney tonight!
3/3; Ouch! It’s wedged in a corner!

#12 – tomoto

Hint: what a pretty logo…

#13 – [insignia]

Hint: Not participating in event, please move to next LM ^^

#14 – [glow] Studio

Hint: Sneaky mannequins!

#15 – DUBOO

Hint: Aww… what a cute couple!

#16 – Tee*fy

Hint: Ah… let’s take a seat~ Oh no! Did I drop something!?

#17 – Mah poor Quality

Hint: If sitting around at Tee*fy isn’t enough, Mah Poor Quality has good seats too!

#18 – Atelier AM

Hint: 3 items here
1/3; head downstairs!
2/3; awww these boots are so adorable!
3/3; why don’t you sit down and have some tea?

#19 – oyakin

Hint: I think I’m wedged between a snow leopard?

#20 – *Leafy!

Hint: Have you looked behind vendors?

#21 – [AJ]Allep Jeans

Hint: Did I drop something at the back of the store?

#22 – KENZIE&CO.

Hint: Time for some good ol’ unpacking!

#23 – Lark

Hint: Someone forgot to clean the sides…

#24 – +mocha+

Hint: I like waking up in the morning to be greeted by a full closet~

#25 – [[ Bunny B ]]

Hint: Remember to look up when trying skins!

#26 – NINIKO

Hint: Head downstairs~

#27 – This is a Fawn

Hint: Is someone packing to go travelling?

#28 – (OMFG) I Love it!

Hint: Peacock dresses are nice to hide under~

#29 – Love Soul

Hint: When going up stairs, do you look around?

#30 – BeetleBones

Hint: Lets get us some dippin dots!

#31 – ++AY.LinE++

Hint: If I were you, i’d look down more often when walking~

#32 – .::Mother Goose’s::.

Hint: It’s good to look behind things! (don’t linger too far from where the poster is)

#33 – [kik]

Hint: This hair vendor looks suspicious…

#34 – LG concept

Hint: Blair would approve of these head bands!

#35 – Mango, Mango!

Hint: Look around high places when shopping, you find unexpected surprises!


Hint: This fire is hot!

#37 – Dustarrz

Hint: Unpacking can be so tiring!

#38 – Pig

Hint: Careful when descending escalators! Watch your step~

#39 – ARAI

Hint: Get down on your knees and get crawling if you want to find me!

#40 – Cockles

Hint: Corners are best places to hide things!

#FINAL – Existence Sim with Modd.G, Miseria & Slash Me Poses

Hint: SHOP SHOP SHOP! Unwind from the hunt at the Lantern Festival and I’m sure you’ll find the items while shopping~


  1. Aww this is so a great idea ! I didn’t know about the Red Packages ! I’m glad to see it before it’s too late =P I’ll try to play for once ^^, xoxo Anya, hope you’re fine!!

  2. Mudhoney – take a good stroll?
    Thanks for the hint on how to walk in SL.

  3. *hugs* thank you emy!! I’m good :) I’m taking my time now when it comes to both creating and blogging… I think I need that before my energy burns out too fast :P *hugs* misses chu!

  4. I meant it to be that the package was somewhere on the broadwalk of mudhoney :) not how to walk in sl lol…

  5. Nefertiti Nafarious

    The last landmark goes to a large gazebo in the sky, with no sign of a Lantern Festival.

    Did the prims vanish?

  6. Hello sweet. how are you ^^ So Lovely post, u helped me so much.
    Now it’s my time to help u? Aha~
    So, on notecard is saying that the FINAL location have 3 packets, check it:

    notecard – about the last location
    On the last day of the Spring Festival, Chinese normally call it the “Lantern Festival”
    In the last location of the hunt, you will be invited to a special Lantern Festival to experience the tradition — there are 3 red packets hidden in the last location.

    Red Packet Hunt #FINAL 1/3 – Modd G
    Red Packet Hunt #FINAL 2/3 – Miseria
    Red Packet Hunt #FINAL 3/3 – Slash Me Poses

    Did you got it all yet? ;D
    I hope that I could help you too hon! ;* kix

  7. #34 – LG CONCEPT

    Hint: Blair would approve of these head bands!

    I couldn’t fin it! help!

  8. Hey — I can’t find the Arai – I’ve spent an hour covering every living inch of that store, the building and the grounds and I don’t see anything. Any other clues? Thanks.

    For Lauren — the ‘Blair would approve of the head bands’ – there are two sides to the shop – the one that has the spiders and strange accessories is the side you want — the scary head bands on that side would be the ones ‘Linda Blair’ might like — ie. from the Exorcist. That would be the area to look around. :-)

    This is a pretty cool hunt – found lots of great stores and already bought a lot of stuff, along with getting the lovely little red packets. Thanks for setting this up! :-)

  9. Hiii Poogs, for Arai, have you tried under the stairs yet? It took me a while to rez and find the packet there :D but it shouldn’t have moved ^^

  10. Ling: Mudhoney – take a good stroll?
    Thanks for the hint on how to walk in SL.

    Wow…did you have to WORK for a single item in this hunt? Don’t you just hate that people give you good, well made freebies…and you might have to look around a bit?

    Some people can be so extremely ungrateful.

  11. Hi! I’m a newbie newbie newbie and i would thank you all the stores that partecipate at this hunt! Was fun, easy and i have a lot of VERY BEAUTIFUL creations in my inventory, now.
    Thank you again! <3

  12. Yes, I agree – thank you so much to the stores that were involved. It was a fun hunt and the gifts and even the packets themselves were beautiful. :-) I’ve been wearing my things and people have been admiring them.


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