What He Wore

What He Wore

March 2, 2012 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

Hihi! I’ve been taking a lil break off working and chillaxing around cleaning up my inventory and hoping to get back to the swing of blogging some of those inventory thingies I cleaned out. There’s been so much amazing mesh released lately that I originally made a “Mesh” folder for my inventory but now all of them are sorted into the usual categories I made.

One thing I love about mesh is how much more masculine options we can wear properly now without prims jutting in and out of our bodies crazily. I just wish there was better sizing options cause even with standard sizing, I’m between a xs and a s, not quite a perfect fit. This post shows some items which aren’t exactly made for mens, but they do fit very loose and relaxed, kinda as if you took mens items and put em on, something I’ve been waiting for in SL for a long long time.

What He Wore III

Both hairs come from TuTy’s and I rarely wear black hair or fully flexi hairs, but usually if I do, I like to wear them in this combination. Partly cause black is super forgiving for flexis, blending everything a lot better. This 2 styles I love cause the alpha strands are very well done, and the movement itself inworld is very natural and clean.

The look on the right showcases a great release from JANE, an oversized tee that works great with most belts. I chose one from NotSoBad just cause I’m thrilled that they’re finally making accessories and clothing for SL. The back slouch of this tee is gorgeous and rigged rather well, so it moves very naturally with your avatar. Simple styling with necklaces, a few bracelets and that’s all you need.

The left look features NotSoBad’s t-shirt that I hope one day they offer separates for, as for now the inner longer sleeved shirt comes together with the tee on the top. The cut is great and very realistic to a boys tee which I absolutely love. The jeans is Amerie’s which I flickr lookbooked before, but this version is the female sized one so it fits /a lot/ better although there’s still a lil gap where non-existent booty lies. The side texturing has issues but Amerie has addressed that on her flickr and to be honest I’m not very bothered by it. It looks great from the front and back, and the textures are pretty amazeballs. They do sit very very low, so wear some underpants if you don’t want to randomly flash a stranger.

What He Wore II

Hope you guys like! The credits consist of store names and a link to the vendor image on flickr if I manage to find them. If you need specifics of each item or color, feel free to ask!

Click for Credits on Right Outfit

Click for Credits on Left Outfit

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