Bang Bang Boom

Bang Bang Boom

October 16, 2011 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

I would just like to really first off say thank you to Miah McAuley and Rico Plisskin for being the sweetest designers ever by naming some of their creations with my SL name <3

Miah creator of Natural Beauty recently sent me Anya saying that she wanted to create a sweet soft skin and I really loved how it turned out, i’m wearing it in both looks today and just thank you so much! I’ve never worn Natural Beauty skins before but this really peaked my interest and I’ll be demoing more of her skins in the future there’s a soft angelic quality to this skin that I really love. I know that’s pretty ironic since my looks aren’t super angelic whatsoever — gun and all…

Rico on the other hand contacted me about eye suggestions hoping to create some brand new eyes for his store Aphotic Gloom. He created a lovely rendition of an idea I had and will be selling these in Chic Fashionably Late and in his store as well. The eyes turned out exactly what I envisioned, having a muted light grey and then flecks of multiple tons in the middle which gives it so much dimension. I’ve turned this into my default eyes for my RP Character over at H:YS. I initially found out about Aphotic Gloom from Gogo’s blog and I’ve been using his eyes regularly in my blog posts now. So if you guys are looking for high quality gorgeous eyes, please take a look at his wares! (I’m wearing his eyes from this set in both looks, but the Anya one is used in the 2nd look)

Some of the items in both looks come from items within the Seasons Hunt, they’re truly really awesome, so remember to check it out before the hunt ends!

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Bang Bang Boom I

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Bang Bang Boom II

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Bang Bang Boom

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