It's Vive9 Cailyn

It’s Vive9 Cailyn

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Boy, I haven’t done one of these skin reviews in a while and it’s my honor and pleasure to introduce Vive9′s brand new addition, Cailyn! Some of you might remember Cailyn being first brought into the grid during Designers United Round 2; Blu then worked on more makeup ready to be released this Friday during her sim’s grand opening! She’s currently still working on a few more make ups (I think) and my review might just be a tad bit incomplete, so i’ll just showcase whatever that I do have and I hope you guys will go rush down and grab em during her opening ^^

Not to forget, Blu is also now dabbling in clothes and hair so her sim will feature all of those as well! There will be homes for rent which I think is a brilliant way to have a community within a commercial sim, something I’ve experienced before whilst living in Hbox. So if you’re looking for a place to stay, be sure to check out those available in Blu’s brand new sim.

Vive9 has been one of my top favorite skin brands, it’s not hard to recognize Blu’s signature style in her skins and I think that’s incredibly important for a Skin Creator. I love that she’s been very consistent when it comes to making unique faces for the grid and some of my favorites from her have been Miranda and of course Po. Cailyn however has slowly stolen my heart away with the myriad makeup options which I think are all incredibly fresh and brave as compared to her previous lines.
One think I’ve noticed is, the skin tone of Cailyn is a tad bit darker than her previous skins. I’m comparing Cailyn light with Po light and I wish one day she’d produce lighter skin tones which might give a very different look to what she has already.

I think body wise, the shading and every thing has been very consistent with her older lines, there are definitely less seaming issue as compared to Blu’s first few skins and the skin texture is also much smoother which shows her improvement and progress. I love the shading of the back, this skin is definitely one of those with a cute tush~ However, I do have issues with the shading of the hands and this is all throughout her other skins as well. The hands can be rather wrinkly and old in my opinion, although it just might be sl hands being awkwardly shaped to begin with. I wish there were less lines on the fingers for sure. The nipples of v9 skins have always been rather large too which can sometime lead to a nippy slip when wearing low cut stuff ^^” Those are just little boo-boos i’d like to point out. Although I think overall the face, body shading etc has more positives than negatives. (She has pretty base for the feet btw, would like to give a lil add~)

I did some edited photos showing some different make ups and body angles from this skin. I’m quite pleased with how the editing came about, although I must say these photos have been pretty heavily edited so if you’d like a more accurate trial, be sure to try on them demos!

Vive9 Cailyn

Yayy so onto makeup reviews, my favorite part of skins! I’m by no means a great skin reviewer when it comes to body cause I get too caught up in face… I’m pretty sure there will be better reviewers out there who will cover vive9 skins and they might be doing a better job than I did ^^”

Cailyn comes in several versions for 1 makeup; as far as I know each makeup comes with 4 different brow options, 2 dark (thin and thick) and 2 light (thin and thick). Then some of the makeup I received also came with 2 different freckled options, i’m not 100% sure which ones are coming out but you know you’re getting your money’s worth knowing that each make up comes with so much options!

Most of the makeup I’m showing are being shown brow-less; partly because I think Cailyn looks AMAZING without eyebrows ó and that’s kinda rare in a skin, and also cause I think it shows off the makeup better.


Exactly what it’s name says, this is the more natural version of Cailyn, with minimal blushing, healthy shiny matte lips and a touch of brown eye shadow for depth.

Pure Blush

This makeup option is exactly like Pure only it comes with heavily blushed cheeks which are so adorable. It makes the skin super doll-like.


Ah! my favorite!! I lovee! So high fashion, specially without the brows too…this makeup features light blushing, a subtle tint in the middle of the lip and the eyeshadows are a mix of browns, pinks and purples; very royal! The eyes are then framed with tiny crystals which might stretch depending on your shape. If you add prim lashes to these, it really completes the look~


Bill kinda reminds me of a bird and I’m not sure if the name is a pun to it or stands for something else. But this skin is almost like Pure in the aspect of blushing and lip, but the eye make up is super dramatic. The eye shadow is a few shades of yellow shaded right on the lid and even a tad bit outside of the eye itself. Then the bottom has heavy black eye liner and shadow, with a flick towards the inner corners of the eye. It’s a very dramatic and unique makeup great for beauty shots I think.


Heh, I think the name for this is very smart ó it does quite look like a painted makeup. The lips are a little more matte in a shade of dull rose, it’s lined as well so there’s more definition. The eye makeup is yet again extremely dramatic with eyeshadows in all shades of the sun… it kinda looks like sunset to me. Blu then added darker tons to the lids and a hint of blue and gold dust below the eyes. It’s really stunning the way the colors kinda all come together!


This one is just adorable to the max! I love how this make up reminds me of a forest fae~ the cheeks are blushed red like a baby doll and the lips are also colored lightly with the same tinge of red. The eyes are heavily shaded in a dark color around the lids and the lower lashes with a touch of yellow at the top and green for the bottom. Long lashes are painted on the skin itself so you can do without prim lashes or add em for a more dramatic effect.


This makeup might be a tad bit cropped from my picture but the eye liner for the upper lid is actually flicked out like a cats eye shape. The lips are a tinge of peach and that compliments the colors of the eye make up very well. The bottom lashes are shaded in a deep maroon that’s pretty close to purple and then the upper lids are painted in yellow.


Oooo… I think this makeup is incredibly sexy, it’s a youthful kinda sexy I think since the colors are quite unexpected. The lips are a shade of hot pink, matte so that’s extra love cause overly glossy lips for such a thick lip shape can look rather oily~ the eyeshadows are a tinge of pink for the top lids (like the lips) and a dark forest green for the bottom which I presume is why the make up is named as so.

Give Me Hope

I think this has got to be one of my favorites too ó it really doesn’t show up quite as well in my picture but in world it’s just stunning! The lips are a shade of light pink but the middle is patted with purple and it’s really subtle so it’s not over the top or anything! The blushing is also a little more heavily done than Pure. The eyeshadow is yet again purplish maroon with yellow at the top and the inner corners of the eyes are dusted with light powder. Blu has been using a lot of yellows in her make up for Cailyn, It is a great and unexpected color for skins and you don’t see this color used very often.


When I first put this makeup on, It does kinda remind of a more fashionable version of a clown’s makeup. The colors are very vivid and bright, I mean, the lips are an even hotter pink shade than Forest and the eyes are teal and pink~ It’s kinda extreme so I really don’t think it’s for everyone? I do love the placing of the pink eye shadow though, it kinda enlarges the eye, plus the white shadow on the lid has that effect too.


The final makeup option for Cailyn. York reminds me of one of Po’s make up too.. I can’t quite remember the name right now but it’s very sultry dark colors~ The eye shadow is done in mostly browns with a hint of light silver/white at the inner corners. The lips are a very deep shade of red, when I look at a red like this, I get reminded of vampires or red wine heh~ TWILIGHT *ahem* anywaysss… It is a stunning makeup and very confident.

So there you go, my review for Vive9′s brand new skin! I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and do drop on by Vive9′s sim on Friday ^^ I didn’t post surl for Vive9 just yet because her sim isn’t open for public viewing but be there or be square!!


*Arranged by order of name
Skins : Cailyn | Vive9 (Sim Opens Friday Nov 13th)
Eyes : CHAI
Lashes : Glow Studio, Mayden Couture, Redgrave
Hair : 69, Aden (aden breyer), Clawtooth by Clawtooth, JUNWAVE, Maitreya, Truth
Accessories : noju, Periquita, WILDO

DESIRE, Leafy, Penny Dreadful Arcade, SLC, snOok

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