!Ohmai Friday Saturday Pullovers 4.44.444

!Ohmai Friday Saturday Pullovers 4.44.444

October 1, 2011 |  by  |  events, shop

For all you long-timers in SL, I’m sure one point in time Free*Style is a blog that you frequent pretty regularly. This blog has helped me a ton as a newbie, and then even more so when they hired me as a writer there — my time in Free*Style has been nothing but amazing and the people running it is truly a blessing for the grid. Today they’re celebrating their 4th anniversary on SL and what better way but to host an event celebrating it?

Free*Style‘s 4th Anniversary Event also known as 4.44.444 is currently on the way and every item in the event space is either 4L, 44L or 444L. I personally contributed with a simple striped pullover that comes in 4 color packs (each pack contains a solid and a striped version). Beetlebones (suetabulous yootz) has also created some lovely mesh skirt for the event too!

So come on down and celebrate with us over at 4.44.444′s event space!

Read on more to see images from Ohmai & Beetlebones <3

Ohmai’s Friday Saturday Pullovers:

4.44.444 is here! -- Friday Saturday Pullovers

Beetlebbone’s Mesh Leather Skirts (made by suetabulous Yootz)

Beetlebones for 4.44.444

Click here for a Taxi Over

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