Alphabet Challenge : D

Alphabet Challenge : D

September 29, 2011 |  by  |  Alphabet Challenge, anya ohmai, lookbook

Sorry for the weird Blog malfunction yesterday! I forgot to do a little bit of updating, so my bad! I hope everything shows up now, if you’re reading this then it certainly should and big yay \o/. Onto the Alphabet Challenge this week.

When I was doing D, I had to hold myself back a little cause I wanted to do so much. First I had the idea of D for dolls, since I got mocha’s adorable doll house from Choice 2011. That didn’t quite work out, then I wanted to do D is for Deer but I ended up with a very mismatched outfit. So I settled for D stands for Dream… the idea of being in my dream room with things that I love and incorporating some of the other ideas I had in mind. I ended up getting to wear some really old items that I never worn enough off, so some of these are retired items unfortunately. But I still hope it’ll bring back some memories or shed some light on some vintage SL items.

Credits are done so the thing starting with the letter ‘D’ is marked in full capitals & bolded (might be brand name, item name or color name)
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Alphabet Challenge: D

With the letter D, I finally get to wear DrLife‘s skin “Ju” — I’m not a big fan of their desaturated skin tones, but this face is just stunning and its my favorite skin from not only them but out of a lot of my more realistic skins as well. I like that it’s very oriental, but at the same time looks mixed, the racial ambiguity is so pretty <3 My hair comes from DEJAVU which is no longer on the grid anymore. This brand used to be one of my favorites back when I initially started blogging, their styles were always very brave and BIG, this one in particular was my favorite from them.

I’ve worn some items from Duboo as well, made by darling Newreem who recently closed all her stores in SL. She will be moving to the marketplace for the time being, but at the moment she’s still getting some vendors reshot. So patience, patience! What I love about Newreem’s item aside from her being one of the greatest SL friends of mine, is that she never forgets that SL is all about being fun and playful. Her items never fail to bring a smile on my face.

Speaking about fun and playful, D-lab is another brand I simply had to put in for this Alphabet. D-lab is one of my biggest inspirations in SL, especially when it comes to creating adorable and fun animals/objects. My flying pig (Hamilton) has been with me since the very start of my life in SL and i’m glad he’s still flying about from time to time.

Finally, these chairs come from cluttered flowey and they’re a rather new release as well. I’m glad Flutter is making furnitures and skyboxes now at the same time incorporating her poses into them because flowey’s poses were definitely some of my favorite natural ones. These chairs come with various animated and static poses, and it has a great vintage feel to it.

Alphabet Challenge: D

So that’s all for me today! I hope you guys liked these and saw some old items that might not have been floating around blogs much lately but is still classically amazing <3


  1. Awww,, this is lovely! I am glad your blog returned to normal.
    Hugssss! loviu! <3

  2. Inka — *hugs* love you too!! Thank you very much <3 so glad it’s all fixed too

  3. Hi there, great page but there is a issue whereby sometimes I am sent back to the main page when I look at other topics within your web page.


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