52 Weeks of Color Week Four: Plum

52 Weeks of Color Week Four: Plum

September 28, 2011 |  by  |  52 Weeks of Color Challenge, anya ohmai, lookbook

I remember the first time around when I did the color Plum, I was very hesitant about it. I’m not super fond of purples, but doing this color during the fall season helps a lot especially since designers are releasing so many richly deep colored things to keep in tune with the colder months. This time around, I was definitely a lot more willing to ease into the color.

The color posted on Luna’s blog is a lighter shade of plum, I decided to go with a deep plum which you usually find on the fruit itself. This time around, I also added other colors into the look to ease out the monochromatic palette~

52 Weeks of Color Week Four: Plum

This cropped cardigan comes from TokiDoki, a brand new item with an adorable name — “Bellybutton Cardigan” heh. I really like the fabric on it, it really seems to pop right off the screen. The shoes I worn are not new items, but one that I’m glad I finally got the opportunity to wear. It comes from Willow and the studded details really edge out the casualness of the shape.

Oh! My hair comes from tram which is available for the Choice 2011 event, have you guys got your stamp card stamped yet? If not, be sure to do so and collect some of the amazing prizes. I’m especially fond of DP*YUMYUM‘s panda avatar, picnic‘s adorable shoes and mocha‘s super amazing doll house! Happy stamping!

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52 Weeks of Color Week Four: Plum


  1. Uh uh, don´t I like this Weeks color x) Gorgeous as always Anya

  2. Plum <33 haha the irony :P *hugs* But I have moments where I really am not feeling the week’s color too :( I guess the challenge is really to try and embrace it anyway we can!

  3. Ngahaha:))) I´m totally with ya on the Plum embracing x) lurveable post.

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