Alphabet Challenge : C

Alphabet Challenge : C

September 22, 2011 |  by  |  Alphabet Challenge, anya ohmai, lookbook

The Alphabet Challenge has been one of my favorite blogging challenges I’ve ever done, just because it allows me to mix and match a lot more than usual and once in a while showcase furnitures and random stuff from inventory as well!

So this week we’re doing the letter C! For this letter I decided to do a mix of cakes and coffee — cafe items basically. Only through this challenge I realize how much random stuff I have D: After my initial inventory sorting, I have yet to touch my furniture folder which I bet is a little insane, hopefully one day I’ll get the time to slowly sort through that pile of my inventory. Hope you guys like this cafe inspired look!

Alphabet Challenge : C

Credits are done so the thing starting with the letter ‘C’ is marked in full capitals & bolded (might be brand name, item name or color name)

Click for Credits on Outfit C

I’m wearing a brand new release from couverture, a long knitted maxi dress that’s made in mesh which means it’ll move awesomely with any pose! The dress comes in various colors and either with ribbon straps or like the one I wore, completely strapless. Oh at the same time, there’s plaid versions for this too, super duper cute for a country inspired look. So drop on by to couverture and demo their new mesh dress!

Alphabet Challenge : C

The rest of the items are old items that I found in my inventory — this challenge truly helps you go through some items you might forget about or don’t have the opportunity to wear that often.


  1. Loving it!!! I have a dress almost identical to this in RL!

  2. Anabella Thank you! <33 I love the dress so much, I bet your rl one is uber comfy :D

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