A Meshy Affair

A Meshy Affair

September 6, 2011 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook, miscellaneous

Wanted to do a simple blog post talking about my experience with this new SL phenomenon called “mesh”. I’m usually quick to hop on board the bandwagon in loving something new or at least try to look at the positive side of the situation. Mesh however was something that I wasn’t as thrilled about as I hoped to be.

I think it’s an amazing tool and gives creators a chance to make more awesome things in world — but at the same time I see so much bad things that could come from it. Complete photo sourced avatars, no longer finding the right fit for clothes (nor having the abilities to edit), more complicated tools to learn as a creator (mind you, I have no 3d background aside from what I learn for SL) and the worse thing of all, not having a computer powerful enough to handle it. That last point being my biggest problem. At the moment, just to scroll through my already incredibly scary inventory it takes such a long time cause of lag and glitches. I can’t teleport without crashing and neither can I be in a sim filled with mesh without cursing at my screen. And mind you, my computer is recently changed and not an ancient one at all. Perhaps I’m just unlucky?

At the same time though, there are great things about mesh. Like for example, making fashion items that would otherwise be impossible or not quite as effective with sculpted prims. For this post, i’m showcasing BeetleBone‘s brand new mesh suspender pants and a maxi dress from Raspberry Aristocrat. Maxi dresses and suspender pants are two things I looovee and with mesh, they become a lot more wearable and realistic than sculpted prims. As a creator, this part of mesh is something I support and love.

And another wonderful thing about mesh is in regards to pose makers. Remember all those poses that look incredible and fun but yet impossible to use cause sculpts will probably not bend well with it? I have a ton of those poses, and all of them haven’t seen the light of day in a long long time. Now with mesh, these poses get the attention they deserve. In the case of this post, poses from pda.

So read on to check out the pictures! I still keep crashing on viewer 3 and it hasn’t been the most pleasant viewer to use — what with the change in wind light settings and all. We’ve been struggling to embrace viewer 2, and adding this on, perhaps this is just too much? All in all, there are some great things that can be made with mesh but my biggest issue is, if I have to sacrifice speed and stability just to view it, I’d very much rather not. (A huge shootout to our makers, Linden Lab, please make things more stable for us! )

A Meshy Affair

Credits for Suspender Outfit


Credits for Maxi Dress Outfit

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