Still Living in my Fairytale

Still Living in my Fairytale

August 3, 2011 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

One thing I love about Secondlife is the ability to live out creativity and dreams we can’t in real life. When LaGyo released this awesome amazing Violin Collar, I knew I had to do a post with it. LaGyo to me is like the shop to go to for quirky accessories, some are super duper couture and some are just fun and playful! Gyo’s sculpting skills never fails to amaze me, you definitely need to take a trip down there to see the new releases she made!

For the post, I wanted to do something fun and playful, so I was super thrilled when Suetabulous Yootz from BeetleBones made these adorable gatcha bears for the Albero Summer Gatcha festival. The bears are modifiable, so you can play around with the arms and legs, to make them do different things. The bears I featured are in Sable, but there are tons of other colors and a few rare ones wearing ties <3 The pink bear is one I customized myself so you won't find it in the Gatcha -- thank you sue for letting me play with your textures!

Another final thing: I'm sure some of you know that suetabulous is my real life sister, we're both in the midst of building something really special for you guys -- not sure how long that would take (we’re aiming for November!) but I hope when it’s completed, you will love it! For now, the details and such will remain a mystery~



  1. I love your photo and added it to my What I Like column at Shopping Cart Disco. I hope you like it.

  2. Cajsa Thank you so much <3 for your support and love! Truly <33

  3. \o/ added you to Blogroll !! Just love your blog <3

  4. Very cute card! Thank you for entering and payilng along on the Sweet Stamps blog. I can’t tell if the girl is yelling or sticking her tongue out..but it is very cute!!


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