Satchels for Everyone

Satchels for Everyone

July 18, 2011 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

So… a few minutes ago my computer just completely died on me, and it seems like i’ll be facing technical difficulties for the next few days, hence I might no log in quite too often. If you sent me IMs/Notecards please be patient T_T *sobs* I’ll be sending that baby to the repair shop, see what they can do with it, at the moment thank god my roommate is being nice and lending me his puter for a bit.

I managed to finish this image editing before my computer died on me, I was initially really excited but now it’s a mixture of excitement, frustration and sadness *shakes fist* Nonetheless, wanted to share vive9‘s adorable new Leonard Leather Satchel which comes in a variety of texture and colors. The ones i’m showing here are the solid versions, but they have them with crocodile skin textures and animal prints as well. I really appreciate that this satchel comes with 2 different versions, 1 that can be slung on the shoulders and 1 that can be held in your hands — so without editing the bag at all, you can achieve different looks with it.

Alrighty, i’ll go back to moping about my computer now, I feel naked without it… le sigh~
(apologies for the lack of SURL, there’s no sl on this computer so you’ll have to do a bit of work huhu)

Left Outfit

Right Outfit



  1. For those of us who subscribe to your RSS feed, your new format causes the image to show up much smaller. Just thought you might want to know.

    Keep up the great work!!

  2. Kit – Ah! I just saw it in my RSS feed as well, the images tend to resize themselves to fit the blog page, hence smaller in most RSS feeds as well. The actual original size is huuuge though! I’ll definitely keep that in mind and will probably do separate images as I used to last time really soon as well. This format will just be whenever I end up burning out after editing and can’t do anymore haha… thank youuu <33

  3. test test test

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