!Ohmai Sun Pouch Available for Seasons Hunt Summer 2011

!Ohmai Sun Pouch Available for Seasons Hunt Summer 2011

July 16, 2011 |  by  |  shop

It’s been a while since I created and I’ve been trying to get back to the gear of things. Thanks to the Seasons Hunt organized by Hallie Galli (<3) I've actually opened up my sculpting tools and worked~

This hunt has no order whatsoever, so take your pick at their website at whichever store you wish to begin at and hunt away! Look for the adorable sharks and find your gifts. I've contributed a small simple pouch this time round, that's color scripted for multiples options and choices and truly hope you guys will like!

Click More to see a simple vendor image and details for the pouch:

Ohmai for Seasons Hunt Summer 2011


  1. Ohhww Myyyyy soo beautiful Pic andpost <333
    Would you ind telling me where the hair is from ?

  2. Frances — the Hair is made by FUGEES Teardrop from Aurora Shop :D But its a retired piece :(

  3. Ohhwww soooo sad :( it´s sooo lovely <3

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