Hair Fair 2011 : Sim#4

Hair Fair 2011 : Sim#4

July 15, 2011 |  by  |  anya ohmai, events, lookbook

*waves insanely* This was truly a mad dash towards the finishing line, This sim had some of my favorite hairs and I was just really hoping to finish the post before the fair ends and I’m glad I did! Hair Fair closes midnight SLT tonight, which means you guys have a few hours to pick up some last minute hairs before they become available at their respective main stores~

Thank you so much for the lovely comments and immense support I’ve been getting for these Hair Fair series, It’s been an honor and a joy to just once again be a blogger for designers again. I missed having to just showcase other people’s works of art within SL, that has always been one of the funnest thing about SL for me.

And today is Bandana Day so remove your hair to show you care, or simply purchase some of the gorgeous Bandanas out this year for Hair Fair. If you’re interested in seeing some of them, hop on over to SasyPants to read Sasy’s lovely coverage on the Bandanas available!

Hair Fair 2011 : Sim#4 15 Picks

Left Hair: Kimmi by ILLUSORY

Center Hair: Pretty Words by Clawtooth

Right Hair: Taktikal by Fiction&Chaos

Hair Fair 2011 : Sim#4 15 Picks

Left Hair: Ayumi by ILLUSORY

Center Hair: Trish by Wasabi Pills

Right Hair: Story by Elikatira

Hair Fair 2011 : Sim#4 15 Picks

Left Hair: Heather by TenFifteen

Center Hair: Dream Weaver by Clawtooth

Right Hair: Vamp Rose by LALA Moon

Hair Fair 2011 : Sim#4 15 Picks

Left Hair: Tien by TEKUTEKU

Center Hair: Xuri by Fiction&Chaos

Right Hair: With by Elikatira

Hair Fair 2011 : Sim#4 15 Picks

Left Hair: Cameron by Vanity Hair

Center Hair: Mochi by Wasabi Pills

Right Hair: Lilith by Discord Designs

\o/ *Insert Crazy Happy Faise*

Till next year’s Hair Fair, I hope you guys have a wonderful time~


  1. Another fabulous post!!! Yours are my favorite Hair Fair blog posts ever.

  2. Cajsa — Thank you!! *HUGS* for all your support and love! <3 muas

  3. I loveeeed all of your posts on the Hair Fair, superb! <33

  4. Valletta — thank you! muas muas :D was a fun project to undertake, and hopefully next year I get the same opportunity to do so~

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