Inventory Sorting Tutorial Pt 4 : Pants, Skirts, Dresses & Other Clothing Items

Inventory Sorting Tutorial Pt 4 : Pants, Skirts, Dresses & Other Clothing Items

June 29, 2011 |  by  |  inventory sorting, tutorial

*waves* So onto part 4 and the final tutorial in regards to clothing layers. This post is a continuation from “Tops & Outerwear”. At the end I made a special category for Events that I hold close to my heart, I think you might find some events or hunts that might benefit from having its own categories like so.
I’m not sure if you guys need help with any other aspects of the inventory, shoes, bags, eyewear uh… misc items? If you do let me know and I’ll continue if not, I hope you’ve been having fun! Thank you so much for the support you’ve shown with this weird crazy thing I’m doing and also for sharing some tips and tricks of your own.

Oh! Another amazing thing, if you’re doing inventory photos and would like some simple poses that showcases items well and clearly. Easily you could use a posestands, which was what I’ve been doing until Anemysk Karu — the most wonderful person ever sent me a bunch of poses that she made! There are 10 poses in total, 5 which works for pants and 5 which is great for big skirts – the above image will show you how they look~

These poses are available in the “[Glow] Studio VIP Group” which is 50L to join, or if you’re already in there, grab these poses. These poses are helping me with the rest of my inventory, and I think they’re great for creators who want default stands to work their items on.

Sorting Pants

Pants are pretty simple compared to tops, I first separated them into 2 different categories: “Long” and “Short” – short is anything knee up and long anything knee down. Then within I made subcategories of different types/styles they come in.

(click through the tabs for more info on each category)

Probably one of the most common type of pants you’d have in your inventory. I sub categorized these by colors plus a special folder for high waisted denims.
My desktop shots don’t have different folders for colors as I like to just scroll through all of them.
These type of pants are basically baggy pants that get tapered/tighter around the bottom.
I love Harem pants, probably cause I’d never be able to carry them off in RL without looking overly pear shaped.
This is where I put all my highwaisted pants that aren’t made from Denim.
Occasionally I run into Highwaisted Pants in a Harem style for example, I’d need to decide which category it would allow me to recall it better. Make that decision without worrying too much that it’s not in the “right” category.

This might be a really bad category name. I have a few pants that were made with knitted textures but had tons of prints and I’ve always referred to them as Nordic pants. I believe these would work in “Sweats and Knits” as well.
This category is where all the other types of pants go to, anything from khakis, to leather pants all are just lumped into a large category.
This is where I place pants which works great for lounging around with your friends. Whenever I feel like taking a SL day off from looking overly dressed, I’d tend to run to this folder.

These pants are basically what I call the Bubble Skirts of short pants. I put any shorts which are overly baggy or oversized in here.


Sorting Skirts

Skirts in SL currently come in 2 different types – flexi and sculpted; so if you’d like you could separate them that way. I did it so that flexi skirts belong to “Feminine Long, Med & Short” and Sculpted skirts belong to “Sculpted”. The other 2 are special types of skirts I look for often, hence I made a category just for them.

(click through the tabs for more info on each category)

This is where I place my bubble shaped skirts. I honestly only have 1 from Maitreya at the moment (and I think Amariah somewhere hidden in my objects folder) but I like these skirts so much in real life I made a category for it.
This is for all the denim skirts on the grid, I then sub categorized them similarly to denim pants, by color and 1 folder for highwaisted denim skirts.
I place all my Flexi Skirts within these folders depending on lengths.
Long is ankle length, Medium is around the knee area and short is thigh length.

For both sculpted and flex high waisted skirts. These are something I look for often, so I like to keep a folder for them.
Sculpted skirts are growing more and more popular with the new alpha option, they really showcase some amazing sculpting skills from Designers inworld. I know this folder is going to be really large someday, but for now I didn’t subcategorize it.


Sorting Dresses

Dresses for me are a lot more complicated because I have so many of them that it just blows my mind. I separated these by styles they come in, but made a separate folder for “Paper Couture” because well… it’s Paper Couture. Hah, no really, I couldn’t find a way to categorize their items and the best way was just to put em all in 1 folder. And “My 1st Dress Blogged” is just for sentimental reasons, you honestly don’t need to keep the 1st dress you ever blogged~

Underneath each large category I made different folders for each brand. I find that I remember dresses easily through brand because a lot of creators have a very specific signature style when it comes to dresses. In my desktop however I didn’t make brand folders to make it easier for me to look through.

(click through the tabs for more info on each category)

I place dresses I deem casual in here, a lot of times these are dresses that can be mixed and matched with various other items on the grid.
Couture dresses are where I categorize dresses made with extreme intricate sculpting. Just more high fashion unusual dresses.
These are a lot harder to mix and match, but they always have some pretty prims you can manipulate for different looks.
A lot of the dresses in here to me seemed like formal dresses that stood well on its own. Without mixing and matching, it already has that attention grabbing factor to it.

Maxi dresses are for long casual dresses perfect for spring and summer
Tight dresses are usually really short and sexy, I don’t wear these very often but I definitely love how well made a lot of them are.
Uh… well I don’t usually need wedding dresses, I really don’t get married that many times in SL. But these are just gorgeous white gowns that I can’t bear to throw out.


Sorting Rompers & Jumpers

I don’t have a lot of these, but I believe they’re popping up a whole lot more often inworld now than ever before. So I made a folder for them just in case this grows.

(click through the tabs for more info on each category)

I place denim overalls in here, not sure why I didn’t just named this Overalls… But basically denim pants/skirts with good ol’ suspenders!
Jumpers to me are where I place rompers with longer pants. 19MC makes some of the most amazing jumpers and just so much love for them!
Rompers are 1 piece garment garments that are a combination of top + short pants.


Sorting Lingerie, Swimsuits & Bodysuits

For some odd reason I never wear these as often as I would like but I do have a whole bunch of them. The best way for me was to lump these altogether because they usually serve purposes of layering under other items (in my case). I separated these items by type to make it easy for me to remember where everything is.

(click through the tabs for more info on each category)

A lot of 1 piece swim wear works well as a bodysuit too, so I placed these in the same category.
Bras~ Great for layering under sheer tops!
Corsets are a fun way to change a dress or a simple top, the ones we can find on the grid are usually really ornate and detailed.

If you’ve been doing Starlust’s Panty Raids for a few years now, this category might grow a large deal. I personally don’t have many items here as my lingerie purchases usually come in sets.
Most lingerie within SL can be found as sets, containing both bra and panties.
I don’t quite have a ton of these but they’re so pretty to look at and nice to put under dresses as well.

I made this category without realizing I actually didn’t have much of these. I personally might move these over to sets — but I think for now it works well to have a separate category.


Special Events

Sometimes random events or hunts have certain themes to their items, so they might not fit in a lot of usual folders. Rather than create a “Unique” or “Misc” folder, I find that making an “Events” folder works well. I usually move Hair, Accessories and Other items into category folders, but clothes from these events didn’t fit anywhere else.

This way you can remember where you acquired some special items, and at the same time store a little bit of your memory lane into a folder. Designers United and One Eleven were two huge events that made a big impact in my SL Life, so I made special folders for the clothing I got within these events.

(click through the tabs for more info on each category)

Designer United usually has its own theme so the clothing made in this event are usually very unique and special. I’m so excited for Nil and Lu to have DU again, one of my favorite events on the grid!
I’m sure a ton of you remember this, each of these only had 111 copies sold, so I really treasure them a ton <3

So there we go, the final clothing layer sorting. By now your inventory should look a whole lot cleaner and your count probably went down a ton. I know I’m down by 10,000+ items by now, most of my items are really in the objects folder plus hair and skins. Therefore, going down that much is a pretty awesome thing for me.

I’m glad these tutorials have spurred some of you to tackle your own inventory. I know these have been pretty basic, so I shan’t bore you guys too much. If you need more help with other parts of your inventory, like I said before, let me know and I’ll post them if there’s demand~

Good luck my fellow virtual amazeballs friends!


  1. Thank you so much for these tutorials. It is so much nicer going into my inventory now! LOL I dont dread opening it up like I used to. :D

  2. Janina – so glad these helped you! The greatest thing is that now you like looking at your inventory and that’s an awesome feeling!

  3. Thanks SO much for your organizing tutorials. I really appreciate them!

    One tutorial I would love to see that I haven’t been able to find, is a good way to sort poses & animations. :)

  4. SpaceCase — Oh! I have yet to really sort those yet, so when I do, i’ll definitely try and make a tutorial for ya guys <3

  5. It’s an amazing post in support of all the web visitors; they will obtain advantage from it I am sure.

  6. I have a friend in SL, i told her about this blog, and after describing all the diff folders to her she thought i was crazy… but it makes alot of sense to me. theres a few areas where im lke “does this fit here or there” but when i think about it and figure out how it works for me it works. luckily. i started at around 25k. and am down to like 22k but i deleted the notecards, textures, etc. those useless bits, LMs that come in all new clothing sets.
    this would go faster if i could rough sort…. i just cant do it, im like “NO! i gotta fully sort it now!” lol

  7. Aria Yes, the advantage of sorting your own folders is definitely understanding why certain things are put there :D If I had shown anyone my inventory folders, a lot of it would be whaaa?? But to me it made perfect sense :D I hope your sorting work is going along well!!

  8. Layla Sims Webb

    Hi Anya! I have been very much enjoying your articles on inventory sorting and organizing and I thank you very much for taking all the time and trouble to post all of this for all of us. I have used a similar in-depth organizing system and have been wondering for years how I could make what I have more readily visible, without having to open every box and folder. Also, at a current inventory of over 143,000 items, I truly did not want to spend L$10 for each photograph. Thank you for showing us all a better way to do it.

    I persoanlly would be interested in how you have sorted or will be sorting the other categories, such as animations and poses, gestures, body parts such as hair, skin, shapes, eyes, etc, other clothing items like tattoos, jewelry, shoes and boots, accessories, etc., and also objects, like furniture, paintings, plants, et al. If you could please post these at some point when you are able to, I would very much appreciate it.

    Again, thank you very much for all that you have taught us so far. Keep up the good work!

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