Ohmai's 52 Weeks of Color : Blue

Ohmai’s 52 Weeks of Color : Blue

November 13, 2010 |  by  |  52 Weeks of Color Challenge, anya ohmai, lookbook

I’ve been meaning to do Luna Jubilee‘s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge since last week but I manage to somehow lost track of time and missed the first week! Eeeps~~ But better late than never on such an awesome inspiring thing, so I decided I’ll shift the “Gray” from the first week to my last week, and start my first week of this challenge with blue! The idea of it is to finish a look mostly using the current week’s featured color, if you’re interested in participating in this challenge, do check out Luna’s blog to get the links to the flickr group and all that shebang! You don’t need to be a blogger to do this challenge, as long as it inspires you, why not?

For this week’s color of blue, I decided to drop the layers from autumn, and do something a little less bundled up. To me blue’s a color that kinda goes with the word “sad” very often, which is why I really wanted to make sure the look I did was adorable and fun without feeling the blues mood~ I think denim comes in real handy for this weeks color as well. I hope this inspires those of you who haven’t had a chance to check out this challenge, would be awesome to see some more people posting their looks up! Whoohoo! Enjoy~

Ohmai's 52 Weeks of Color : Blue


Skin : Chiaki 2 in makeup 3 | Mother Goose
Eye : JeJune Hazel Eyes | Tres Blah
Nails : Nail Color Yellow | Tres Blah
Hair Base : Gathered Mid Hairbase in Chestnut | booN
Hair Fringe/Bangs : Hairpieces TANA01 in Chestnut | booN
Hair : Hairpieces YUME96 in Chestnut | booN
Shirt : Denim Shirt Set in Blue | Amaama
Undershirt : Yuriyuru Knit Border Sweater in Blue | UnTone Quilt
Pants : Chino Culottes in Navy | PUNPY
Hat : Check Hat Type C | NINIKO BOY
Scarf : Fur Tippet in Deep Blue | FLUFFY *Gacha*
Socks : Wool Blend Socks in White | !Ohmai *unreleased*
Shoe : Hemp Flat Shoes Sunflower in Brown | Love Soul




  1. You always do an awesome job on your posts <3

    Thank you for joining the color challenge!

  2. Love this look! You are sooo cute <3

  3. Luna: Thank you for hosting it! It keeps us all inspired <3 *huggles* Thank you so much!

    Estrella: chu are cute!!! <33 thank you!!


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