Ballet Dancing Into the Dark

Ballet Dancing Into the Dark

October 4, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

I had initially wanted to do a skin review, but honestly it’s been such a long time since I did that and i’m not exactly great at it, so I decided to turn this into a semi conceptual photo shoot. This post is mainly to showcase Sopha Portal’s (UGLYDOROTHY) upcoming skin release, Ida! I absolutely love love heart heart, dies over and over again for this skin! I always love it when Sopha releases skins which are more doll like, but Sopha has always tried to improve herself and making her skin more realistic and accurate per every release. I’m a die hard fan ever since the first skin I purchased from her and am so super proud of how far she has grown. This latest skin Ida has the most perfect skintone out of everything Sopha has created, I’m in love with the shade and the face is adorably dolly looking but still has realistic details in it. Newreem Waffle has a shape in SL she made that resembles her real life self, when she wears this skin, it just cracks me up how insanely alike it looks with her real self. But yes! I just wanted to say thank you to Sopha for sending me these, I truly appreciate it and I’m so proud of chi!!

I’ve been dying to do a Ballerina post for a long time, partly cause I think the sculpted feet from SLink is just gorgeously done. Then I found a shade of mint in some of my inventory items which is very refreshing after seeing all the autumn colors recently. I love this unexpected shade of color and I don’t think I’ve quite used it before for blogging. This is a good time for me to pull out some edgy hairstyles I have never used before and have fun~ The concept for the shoot is simply modern day ballerinas; a more edgy gritty version of the usual ballerina girl.

So it’ll just be landscape pictures all the way and at the end of this entry I’ll have a mini bit where I show you guys the make ups available for Ida. Keep your eyes peeled for this skin, it should be available real soon!

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Ballet Dancing Into the Dark

Skin : Ida 08 | UGLYDOROTHY
Eye : Shiny Eyes in Ice Black | ARGRACE
Lash : Liner in Catseye | ATOMIC
Nail : Nail Polish Black | TresBlah
Hair : Glass Candy in Ink | lamb
Bra : Rivoli in White | Attitudes
Tank : Sheer Comfort in Pure White | ATOMIC
Vest : Beirut Vest in Mint | PIDIDDLE
Underwear : Basic Knickers in Black | epoque
Shoe : Ashia Ballet Pointe in Onyx | SLink

Ballet Dancing Into the Dark

Skin : Ida 12 | UGLYDOROTHY
Eye : Shiny Eyes in Ice Black | ARGRACE
Nail : Nail Polish Black | TresBlah
HairBase : Glass Candy Hair Base | lamb
Hair : Eku in Black | Kin
Blazer : Chic Ashley Blazer in Mint | Tee*fy
Bodysuit : Frame by Frame in Air | DaDa
Shoe : Ashia Ballet Pointe in Pink | SLink

Ballet Dancing Into the Dark

Skin : Ida 10 Cry | UGLYDOROTHY
Eye : Shiny Eyes in Ice Black | ARGRACE
Lashes : Dragqueen | Redgrave
Nail : Nail Polish Mint | TresBlah
HairBase : Glass Candy Hair Base | lamb
Hair : OSY705 in Black | booN
Top : Paito Dress in White | Tee*fy
Bodysuit : Rigid BodySuit in Black | epoque
Necklace : Hannya Necklace in Black | Mandala
Beret : Dango’s Beret in Sky | Tee*fy
Shoe : Ashia Ballet Pointe in Onyx | SLink

Ballet Dancing Into the Dark

Skin : Ida 04 | UGLYDOROTHY
Eye : Shiny Eyes in Ice Black | ARGRACE
Lashes : Twiggy | Redgrave
Nail : Nail Polish Black | TresBlah
Hair : Lovage in Ink | lamb
Glasses : Mint Square Shades | Paper Couture
Underlayer : String Tank in White *Tinted* | SUGARCUBE
Top : Plain White Bodysuit | Kyoot *DUnltd Exclusive*
Pants : High-Waist Knickers in Black | epoque
Fox : Faux Fur Snow Fox Stole | Chapeau tres Mignon
Shoe : Ashia Ballet Pointe in Pink | SLink

From what I know as of right now, Ida has a total of 18 makeup options — most involve change of lip color/style and eye makeup. I put a brief description of what I gathered is each makeup and I thoroughly hopes it helps ease your decision when choosing these <3
Most of the Ida skins have slight shading and freckling around the middle of the face. I’m in love with this little touch and occasionally I edit my pictures to kinda show this kinda effect, so I’m thrilled that Sopha did Ida with this style!


#01 :

This would probably be the nude version of Ida, there are tiny drawn lashes at the top lid of the eye and a sweep of eyeliner at the bottom. The lip is just a nude shade which looks as if you just applied lip balm and ran out. I’ll be comparing most of the makeup to #01.

#02 :

This is really similar to #01 cept that it’s a little more made-up, the eye area is pretty much the same — however the lip has a more peachy hue this time around. I also noticed that Sopha added highlighting for the face, so it’s not quite as matte as before. It kinda mimics the look of a naturally made up face.

#03 :

Definitely seeing more makeup now! The eyes are eyelined both top and bottom, and the top has a slight flick at the ends. I believe this makes your eye shape a lot larger via illusion. There’s a sweep of purply blue eyeshadow on the bottom of the eye as well. Pink Blush is added under the cheekbones and the lip is now a bright pink shade that looks extremely kissable.

#04 :

One of my favorites! Partly cause of the lip really — I’m a huge fan of lips where the coloring gets darker in the center. For me it reminds me of lip stain which wears off in real life. The eyes have a thicker eyeliner on the bottom and there’s a tinge of navy on the liner as well. The freckling on this makeup is way more obvious extending all the way to the cheek areas. If you’re a fan of freckles, I suggest going for this one!

#05 :

For this one, the biggest difference is over at the eyes. Sopha has drawn on lashes on the bottom and the lashes are really thick, so if you put on prim lashes, it’ll just make your eyes look uber huge. There’s a shorter flick for the top of the eyes and no eyeshadow color. Peach blushing is added to the cheeks and the mouth as well is also sweeped with a peach coloring.

#06 :

This difference is yet again on the eyes. The lashes on the top are extended longer and done is a very feathery natural way. There’s a sweep of golden highlight on the bottom of the eyes. Highlights are added to the face just like #02 ad the lip is visibly thicker because of the way the peachy lipstick is applied. The upper lip is definitely more enhanced compared to the others before.


#07 :

Exactly the same as #01 cept for the eye area having a way thicker eye liner for the top and a sweep of golden highlight on the bottom. This makeup version really focuses on enlarging the eyes visually and keeping the rest of the face nude. I think it’s a great base for all the tattoo layer makeups around the grid — you can layer on any lipstick on this and I think it’ll look super chic!

#08 :

Same eye make up as #07 with the thicker lining at the top and golden highlights on the bottom. However this time the lip features a bright shade of peachy pink. This shade is way darker than #06 although it has the same effect of having a thicker upper lip compared to the bottom.

#09 :

This makeup has minimal eyeliner on the top lid however the lashes are extended a lot and is much thicker than before. There are longer bottom lashes too. The lip itself features a reddish shade, I’m fond of more yellowish red lipstick as compared to pinks, so this one was a color I really like!

#10 :

So far the eye makeup we’ve seen that had eye liners had very harsh ones. If you prefer something softer that resembles a smokey eye, I think you’ll appreciate this one a lot more. The eye makeup is definitely darker but done with a soft brush so that it kinda blends better. The lip has a sweep of coral pink.
This also comes with a version that looks as if you just cried and smudged the eye makeup! Very naturally done and I loveeee it~ I’m not sure if this will be sold together in a pack, a lucky board item or a gift. But do keep a look out for Sopha’s announcement to know.

#11 :

Very dramatic eye coloring here, the eyeliner is extremely thick on both bottom and top of the eye and the lashes on the bottom are really longer, although it’s more smudgy so it still looks all smokey eye like. A sweep of green eye liner is added to the top. And the green is complimented with a reddish lip color.

#12 :

I really like this makeup as well! The blushing is done in circles around the cheek so it looks like a dolly blush. The lips have a lighter shade of lip color, so the lips look super super nude from afar. Minimal eye make up with only a thick flick of eyeliner at the top. I like the cleanness of this particular makeup and I think it’s super easy to match with anything.


#13 :

For me I think this is the sexyfied version of Ida — the eye makeup is really thick with a super long cat eye at the top and a smokey smudge on the bottom. Blushing is added on the cheekbones and the lip here is super bright red.

#14 :

Heh, I keep thinking this is how #13 looks after a while, the eye makeup is a lot cleaner although it still has a super dramatic cat eye. The blushing is at the same area of the cheekbone but the lips are a lot lighter now. In fact this one is more pink as opposed to red and the edges look like its fading out abit. If you’re not brave to use red at #13, this one would work perfect.

#15 :

This has a similar nude shade of lip coloring as #12, but the blushing is done on the cheekbones instead. The eyes also have a longer feathery lash on the bottom and basic eyeliner. I think this is another makeup that would look great with a thick upper lash prim.

#16 :

Similar to #11 in eye makeup, cept instead of a green eyeliner sweep, you have it in bright red. There’s also a thinner eyeliner for the bottom and feathery lashes as opposed to thick ones. The lip is just a peachy hue so as not to overpower the eye make up.

#17 :

If you’re inclined to change your eyeshape, this makeup will definitely change it — this is basically another very nude makeup with very minimal pinks on the lip. The eyes have a thicker shadowing on the bottom so it makes your eyes bigger downwards? I don’t know if that even makes sense XD If it doesn’t demo this and see how it looks!

#18 :

Remember #04? The one which was my favorite? This I believe is a amplified version of that one — the eye area is essentially the same, although this time the eyeliner is brought upwards into a cat eye, a very thick one in fact. The freckling isn’t as obvious as #04 and it has a pink blush on the cheeks instead. The lips are also more constant in a peachy hue as opposed to being darker in the middle.

So that’s it! I hope that helps somewhat in deciding which makeup to demo… I know when I have tons of makeup to choose from, I like to take photos of them in the same angle and place it on photoshop layer after layer. So it’s easier to compare from there. When you need to wait for a skin to load in world, sometimes you forget how the previous one looks like… I have horrid memory like that.

<3 Muas!



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