The Devil Wears Royal Blue

The Devil Wears Royal Blue

September 29, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

Hihi… I’ve been doing so much casuals lately, I wanted to do something different for a change. Not sure what inspired this look, to me it was a case whereby each piece stands so strongly on its own, I wasn’t sure if it’d work together in a mish mash — but me thinks it works! At least i’m hoping you guys would approve!

But judging from the title of this blog post, I really wanted to highlight the shoes of this look! Very long overdue regarding the accessories I wanted to showcase here — Marni Grut from Royal Blue has been on a releasing spree. Lately she’s been releasing tons of awesome shoes and this particular ankle boots are one of her newest releases. I love it when accessories have little details, a zip on the back, a logo on the base. Gorgeous detailing but I didn’t expect anything less from someone as meticulous about fashion as Marni is! Go check her releases out, I swear they won’t disappoint!

The Devil Wears Royal Blue

Other new releases from this look would be PIDIDDLE‘s vest and Elate‘s Dress, thank you to both Brutus Martinek and Kellie Iwish for dropping these on me <3 I really appreciate it! Both items are really stand out pieces on their own. PIDIDDLE's Beirut Vest comes in a myriad of colors and it's a tiny short vest that's perfect for layering over looks to give it a military feel. I used this Salmon colored piece to really add a pop of color in an otherwise monochromatic look. This Mei dress from Elate is a gorgeous lace overlay dress which is extremely intricate! Kellie has always brought us amazing dresses to the grid and this particular piece is really elegant and lovely. I recommend you check out both of these releases because they are truly stunning!

The Devil Wears Royal Blue

I’m featuring a lovely bag from ORTA, I love uses Valena’s pieces for elegant or high fashion look. Something I think she does extremely well, her accessories are always top notch in quality and so full of details similar to Royal Blue’s shoes. This bag comes in tons of other colors and a few hand animations to wear it, I think this classic piece deserves a place in everybody’s inventory so be sure to grab your favorite color!


Skin : Bird Skin – Essential 3 | Fashionably Dead
Eyes : Mooney Eyes in Classics Black | DP*YumYum
Makeup : Tattoo Layer Makeup in v3 4. | Nuuna
Lash : Liner – Wings | ATOMIC
Nail : Black French Pack 5 | J’s
Hair : Cecile in Brown | JADE Hair
Glasses : Liar2 | Kumaki Glasses
Dress : Mei in Ice | Elate!
Vest : Beirut Vest in Salmon | PIDIDDLE
Jacket : Dress Vol 0041 | HONEY
Stockings : Tights 28 : Torn Opaque Black | Sheer
Bag : Estelle Bag in Charcoal | ORTA
Shoes : Night Out Botties in Coal | Royal Blue


  1. genius outfit Anya! Love the dress! Love the colorsplash! Love YOU! <3

  2. muhahahahahaha im your master.
    and very “KIND” master.
    umhahahahahaha love youuuu and this post <3

  3. I have to agree with Chance, very well done! I love how the skin brings a pop of color and then the vest complements.

  4. I spprove!! Love it, the contrast of colors and textures works great.

  5. Chance – Love YOU too!! <3 hugs thank you! Change those diapers now!

    Newreem – …. …. …. drunk girl… ….

    ily <3

    Ashe – Thank you Ashe!! I loved Nuuna’s makeup options, I’m really glad we have that additional layer now, it really does give us bloggers more options!

    Lauryn – *HUGS* thank you! Very honored!! <33

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