It's One Lovely Day Out

It’s One Lovely Day Out

September 28, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

Wanted to do a simple look today but with some amazing finds <3 during my blogging absence, truthfully I looked like a mess most of the time in world -- I was either having miss matched items laid all over me as I inventory sort or primes hovering all over because of creating. It's nice to take a little break from all that chaos and do some actual styling and blogging. I was also quite the hermit during that period of time, not straying far from my own sl home. However, recently i've been doing a bit more exploring and finding out some stores which might not be new to ya'll but uber new and exciting for me!

It's One Lovely Day Out

Lets start off with some new releases though! 69 has always been one of my favorite hair stores when it comes to big feminine styles — Kumii Yoshikawa has recently released some brand new hair and this one has got to be one of my favorites. It’s not really a braid, but yet kinda has the same function? (I admit i’ve been obsessed with braids lately ^^”") She released the same style with 3 different bangs/fringes so take a pick of which frames your face best or get one of each! Why not? It’s an amazing hair! <3

It's One Lovely Day Out

I’m also wearing a little ring that might not be showcased to its best, it’s a Fruit Cake ring coming from Yummy. This ring was for a bake sale over at Tableau — and big congratulations to the girls on their successful bake sale! Tableau has now moved their sim to a less lagger one — same name and all, but you might need to update your picks if you have Tableau in em~ The items from the bake sale should still be available at the respective stores so be sure to check them out — there are some realllyyy yummy goodies to grab <3

A store that's quite a new find for me is Black Owl — it’s in the same sim as Stray Pig which sells an awesome ridable giraffe I showcased in some lookbooks a while back. Black Owl has some amazing accessories out there including the boater hat i’m sporting here. I hope to showcase some of their other accessories in my future looks because they really are adorable!

FLUFFY‘s fur tippet comes in a gatcha and there’s quite a various amount to pick from. This store is fairly old, but good items never run out of style~ It’s a great piece to have for colder season looks, so be sure to check it out. S@BBiA is also another store that carries really adorable accessories for really cheap. I’m currently sporting their Ribbon Straw Bag that comes with a color changing script. There’s some lucky boards in store too so if you haven’t been there before, I suggest you go go go~~

Finally one last item i’d like to talk about is KAO‘s Boo-San sandals. There’s been a few releases of awesome sandals and to be honest they were what I wanted to feature when I did this look. This isn’t a super new release but it is a latest shoe from KAO. I’m quite surprised that it hasn’t been blogged much, maybe cause such shoes aren’t really wearable for autumn styling? It’s still an amazing sandal and the quality is always as spectacular as you can expect from Kao.

I hope you guys liked these finds and be sure to check out these great stores! <3


Skin : Princess Skin in Natural | Eternity
Eye : Mooney Eyes Classics in Black | DP*YumYum
Lash : Elemental | Redgrave
Nail : Natural French F04 | J’s
Hair : SMINA in Light Mocha | 69
Hat : Boater Brown | Black Owl
Scarf : Fur Tippet Tied String in Beige | FLUFFY
Undershirt : Drape Tunic in White | tram
Shirt : Chara Shirts in Green Dot | enchanty
Pants : High Waist Dark Jeans Shorties | Willow
Ring : Fruit Cake Ring | Yummy
Bag : Ribbon Straw Bag | S@BBiA
Shoe : Boo-San in Hemp | KAO




  1. Yay…you’re back! Adorable outfit as always and some great stuff I haven’t seen before. Thanks…I am heading out to check out some of the items now. Hugs.

  2. Elisabeth – Thank you so much *hugs* So many of these stores were new to me too! I haven’t explored in a while and it’s so fun to do it again… however I do wish I don’t crash so much :(

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