the Season's a Coming III

the Season’s a Coming III

September 27, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

Here’s my last installment for the Seasons Hunt, remember the hunt lasts till Oct 6th and is filled with tons of amazing stores and gifts — so drop on by and show these designers some awesome support. I decided to do female looks for my last round, and the looks are somewhat eclectic and filled with layers after layers, something I love about the autumn season!

My first look features a skin from &bean which comes from the hunt, the skin tone was a little on the pale side for what I’m used to so I put on some makeup made by Sopha over at Uglydorothy. That’s one of the great things about the new viewers in SL, tattoo layers, makeup layers… I think it gives us bloggers tons of different other possibilities. I love &bean’s yellow lipstick shade! Keiko has always provided us with some uber interesting makeups in her skin and it’s always fun to see what her brain comes up with. To match her bright yellow lips, I put on a pair of adorable glasses from Kumaki. Kumaki has always given us gorgeous sculpted glasses and they’re currently participating in the Make Him Over Hunt as well, a super huge grid wide hunt for male avatars out there!

I’m sure this has been show cased all over blogs recently, but I wanted to don on Elikapeka Tiramisu‘s brand new hair Fresh. Her new hairs are only available via xstreet for now, and just like everyone, i’m on the edge of my seats for her latest creations! Fresh is such a fun hair style, braids are very in season in rl right now, and Elikapeka does hers adorably in a high side version. If you haven’t gotten a demo of her hair, I suggest you give em a shot because it’s really beautiful!


This second look features Ingenue‘s hunt gift which is a nice little green dress with a sculpted corset. I used the corset and the top of the dress and changed the bottom to Tee*fy‘s Paito dress to give a little different spin for the look. The hair in this look is yet another hunt gift from *eha, another fabulous hair store that you guys need to visit if you haven’t done so before. Eha always carries ultra feminine hair styles and I love how the creator does her wispy bits… so purdy~


So that’s all I have for you folks regarding the Seasons Hunt! Glad to have showcased some of the amazing gifts put out there and it’s been fun seeing all the creative gifts too. I didn’t showcase Turnip‘s Pumpkin face mask that comes from the hunt, but you guys need to give that one a look. So adorable and what a perfect way to use sl’s brand new tattoo layers! <3

Have fun hunting folks~


Skin : Old Bones IBLEWC3PO IN THE FALL rosy | &bean *TSH item*
Makeup : Soft Makeup 1 | My Uglydorothy
Lash : Diva | Redgrave
Eye : MilkyWay Eyes Salmon | Romi Skin
Hair : Fresh in Red 05 | elikatira
Cardigan : There b Leaves on it | Pig *TSH item*
Top : Crochet Tank top in Gray | em
Underlayer : Henley Hoodie in Wine |
Skirt : Drew Mini Skirt in Aubergine | Whippet & Buck*TSH item*
Tights : Harvest Tights in Soil | Twosome *TSH item*
Earrings : Little Bow Earrings | Whippet & Buck
Scarf : My Vintage Scarf in Flowers1 | Milk Motion
Glasses : Cocos | Kumaki Glasses
Shoes : Leather Boots in Dark Brown | ARGRACE


Skin : Pillow Tan Seven | &bean
Lash : Wings | ATOMIC
Eye : JeJune Faded Green Eyes | TresBlah
Hair : Aki | eha *TSH item*
Top & Belt : Highland Traveler | Ingenue *TSH item*
Underlayer : Longsleeve Tee in Brown | SMS *TSH item*
Skirt : Paito Dress in Noir | Tee*fy
Scarf : Auldearn Scarf in Oak | theosophy *TSH item*
Tights : Gold Nests Tights | Paper Couture
Shoes : Bow Soiree Platform Wedges in Brown | Paper Couture




  1. You are so so cute. And I’m happy to see you back with blogging!

  2. Bastet – *HUGS* Thank you! :D I’m excited to be regularly doing this too :) Such a refreshing thing to do after a long time~~

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