the Season's a Coming I ~

the Season’s a Coming I ~

September 25, 2010 |  by  |  elliot ohmai, lookbook

I know I just blooggeedd… but I’m utterly bored and heavily insomniac at the moment, so please forgive the spam <3
Another male styling just cause I’m feeling inspired to do just that! I mentioned before in my previous post about the Seasons Hunt and I decided to showcase some adorable items from the hunt through Elliot here. And i’m horribly sad about not blogging Paper Couture much earlier because they are just that awesome — so I wanted to show a little piece of PC in my look as well. Which comes from this polka dotted suit. I believe its meant for females since it comes with an adorable belt, but hey! PC suits have always been pretty versatile for men~ I’m not one that loves tribal much in RL but in SL it’s always interesting to see how one can mix and match such pieces. Most of PC’s new collection features tons of tribal inspired gear and I think that’s never quite been done before in SL so it was quite a good breath of fresh air. Then again, when isn’t paper couture fresh air eh?

the Season's a Coming I ~

The items from the season hunt featured here are ARAI‘s Autumn knit which is just the most lovable sweater!! I’m a big fan of stripes and these are just perfect stripe colors for fall! I layered all of that under vive9‘s Rabbit Vest which is a brand new Dressing Room item — it comes in both female and male versions but they have a resize script so you really can purchase one and it swings both ways.

Another Season Hunt’s item is those Deck shoes which comes from Duh! I think these are perfect staples for a sl men’s wardrobe. Sometimes I think men in sl should embrace colors and do it this fall with these pair of awesome shoes! That little pumpkin on Elliot’s head is RC Cluster‘s Season Hunt item. RC has a few other items inside her hunt gift including candles and a bowl of apple — great decoration items for you home decorating people <3

Be sure to do the hunt! Cause there are some really thoroughly amazing gifts out there. I’m hoping to do a few more looks with the items just to show you guys the awesomeness out there!

SURL Elliot

Skin : Emmett in Peach | LAQ
Eyes : MilkyWay Eyes in Goldenrod | Romi Skin
Hair : 22 in brown | DP*YumYum
Vest : Dear Rabbit Vest | vive9*TDR Item*
Jacket : Spotted Suit | Paper Couture
Shirt : Autumn Knit | ARAI*The Seasons Hunt*
Sleeves : Henley Hoodie Gloves in Brown |
Pants : Harris Tartan Shorts in Fallow | Whippet & Buck
Pumpkin : Nana’s Autumn Decoration – Mini Pumpkin | RC Cluster*The Seasons Hunt*
Shoes : Men’s Deck Shoe Fall | Duh!*The Seasons Hunt*




  1. omg i was in the middle of the season’s hunt when my account started acting insane I hope I can get on soon to finish it lol ~ this looks great! Good to know i’m hunting some neat-o things :D

  2. Anjelyc – It’ll last till October! *crossing my fingers for you* I hope you go through it too :) Some really amazing gifts <3 :D

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