Just Another Day

Just Another Day

May 15, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

I was initially planning to do a few looks revolving around just 1 dress — but for some reason SL just never lets me log in world and every time I do, I get crashed out in less than mere minutes. I must have done something horribly wrong *sobsfest* Still wanted to share this piece before it goes off the shelves~

Chocolate Atelier released some lovely flower dresses in 5 different colors, but the pink one is 50% off from May 13th – May 18th; so take this opportunity to jump on over and get it! I wanted to show it off better but alas technology hates me. So see more images of the dress here.

Just Another Day

In this look I was thinking of showing the dress’s versatility by making it into a top, which unfortunately doesn’t showcase the beauty of this dress to its fullest potential. The details on the top is really gorgeous and you should definitely tp over and take a look <3 Chocolate Atelier is still an extremely small store and there isn’t much there, but it’s definitely exciting to see a store like this grow!

I layered the top with Emery‘s cardigan which are unisex and looks great on both genders. I love the color options available and I’m a huge cardigan girl so my inventory is bursting with all sorts of them! I’ve been meaning to showcase both &bean‘s lovely shorts exclusively made for Trilogy and also this freebie scarf from Mr.Poet — both pieces which are great staples for your inventory!

Accessories wise, I really love these new pair of glasses from December. The lenses flip open and close and has several lens color for you to pick from. Another awesome thing about it is that if you wait patiently enough, you can win it from the lucky board at their store too! The shoes from this outfit come from Rachel Breaker and it comes in full white tentacle version which means you can have any color combination you wish to match your outfit. I love its quirkiness which is what Rachel is known for, but yet they’re extremely wearable! I’ve had these on for days with socks and am really falling more and more in love with it!

Finally, the hair comes from D!va; I remember Uma blogged about this hair store a while back and Its been a long time since I went back to take a look — boy was I glad I did! They’ve improved their textures by a long mile since the last time I was there and there’s lotsa styles to pick from now. I really love their demos too, they make you do really cute poses while demoing the hair which is always fun to look at.

Hope you guys enjoyed these finds and be sure to drop by Chocolate Atelier before the 18th to grab their pink flower dress for 50% off ^^


Skin : Grace Porcelain Cherry Blossom 2 | ATOMIC
Eye : Black S | X-DOLL
Lashes : Desire | ATOMIC
Hair : Tomoko Topaz | D!va
Nails : Nail f03 | J’s
Dress : Small Flower Dress Pink | Chocolate Atelier
Cardigan : Cardigan Long #07 | Emery
Pants : Gonnie Outfit Bottom | &bean for Trilogy
Belt : Lucid Belt Gray | fri.day
Scarf : Wide Scarf Free | Mr.Poet
Bag : Bohindian Bag | rbcg.
Glasses : Glasses No.44 | December
Socks : Antique Flower Frill Socks | sen*2
Shoes : Hotdog Weggies Tint | Rachel Breaker

au Soleil,dfo!

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