Daring Lola in B&W

Daring Lola in B&W

May 13, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

…color is black and white put together…

There’s been tons of skin releases these past few days that have us all at the edge of our seats. Minnu Palen from LeLutka recently released LOLA which definitely got a lot of us talking and scrambling to the sim. A big huge thanks to Minnu for creating this and for packing them so well too! I was expecting the usual box or shopping bag packaging only to get a makeup palette which is just the most adorable thing for skins~ Fun stuff!

I’ve been lucky enough to really been able to wear all of Minnu’s recent skins pretty decently on my shape. However, Lola might be my new favorite! It’s a little rounder than usual and less harsh model-like, more casual and shape fitting — at least in my opinion. LeLutka skins have always brought out a more fashion-y side in me so I decided to do 2 looks in Black and White in a more fashion-y way ^^ Hope you like! <3

Daring Lola in B&W

Daring Lola in B&W

When I need to go high fashion, I have this instinct to rely on Chance Greatrex’s poses; Chance recently released 2 new sets out at DARE. Inspired by Beyonce’s Single Ladies video. I made bodysuits which you will get when you buy his fatpacks~ So drop by and check em out cause those poses are fffiiieeerrrcee~~~
*More pose sets will come, chance is releasing these slowly as he juggles 1 kid on his right arm and 1 on his left :P

Another brand I wanted to recommend you fashionistas is House of Fox. House of Fox creators were originally (if I’m not wrong) Sims creator — I remember following them on flickr and was only too happy to find out they opened a store in Second Life. Their items are all done in blacks, whites and greys — mostly blacks; and are just super intense fashion! I’m sporting their Hardcore Jacket and Angyness Heels in my black look and you can get a small taste of their aesthetics from those pieces. Definitely check em out if you’re into high fashion cause I’m sure you’ll love them!

So that’s all for now folks!
And check out those 3 stores I mentioned above — LeLutka, DARE and House of Fox! You won’t be disappointed~



Skin : LOLA Pale Makeup4 | LeLutka
Eye : WINDS Mistral | LG Boutique
Hair : LOLA Bun Blonde | LeLutka
Top | Head Accessory | Gloves : Hardcore Jacket | House of Fox
Bottom : Short on E #Black | Emery
Tights : Tights 25 Semi Opaque Black | Sheer
Shoe : Angyness Heels Black | House of Fox


Skin : LOLA Suntan Makeup 6 | LeLutka
Eye : PLANETS Moon | LG Boutique
Hair : LOLA Bun Dark | LeLutka
Top : Off the Chain! Shirt White | Veschi
Bottom : Short on E #Pure | Emery
Belt : Wide Waist Belt Silver | fri.day
Head Accessory : Ame d’Oiseau Mask | Schadenfreude
Shoe : Thigh High Boots Black | J’s


  1. So precious. You look adorable in Lola ! ❤

  2. Serious styling here! I love it. And I am heading to House of Fox immediately. *hugs*

  3. Where did you get your shape I would lave to have it :)

  4. Anya!!! You look amazing and I’m so flattered! <3<3<3

  5. Lili: As you also do Lili dear! :D <3 muas muas thank chu!!

    Elisabeth: Thank you!! I haven’t done something so fashiony in quite some time so I was a little worried about pulling it off XD House of Fox made is effortless though! WHoo~~

    ~KIM: Thank you Kim :D But I made my own shape and I don’t give it out nor sell it :( Sorry about that!

    Allala: *hugs* YAY! Thank youuuuu!!

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