Gypsy My Way to Your Heart

Gypsy My Way to Your Heart

May 12, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

…I could have missed the pain but I’d have to miss the dance…

I was going through my objects folder where occasionally you find unopened boxes of goodies and this was one of those times. I opened a box Como sent to me a while back and boy was I glad I did! This gorgeous flower top comes from Yozoh* and it was initially a dress but I shortened it and tinted it a little to give it a worn, gypsy like feel~ I played with that idea when coming up with this look and had tons of fun with it!

Gypsy My Way to Your Heart

With a gypsy like top, you need gypsy like hair and MiraiStyle‘s hair was just something I couldn’t miss using! MiraiStyle is one of those stores I visit once every few months and get all surprised at their new releases; I’m a fan of their work but never quite got around posting much of their hairstyles. I’m glad I finally got to use this one. This hair comes with a texture change for the scarf and each texture works appropriately with the style~

The rest of the look came together pretty fast after and I wanted to keep this post short and sweet to let the styling do the talking so to speak. By the way, I’m obsessed with Fashionably Dead‘s new skin and I just can’t seem to take it off! I love a good hand drawn skin and the Tableau girls always outdo themselves again and again <3 big big hearts and loves! (I wore the freckled version which has freckles ALL over the body! Freckles ftw!)


Look #1

Skin : Bird Skin Faded3 Freckles | Fashionably Dead
Eyes : Lozenge Eyes Spring Green | BBBM (Evelyn Edelman)
Lash : Dazzle | Amacci
Hair : Paio Lightbrown | MiraiStyle
Nails : Gift Nails White | MAI
Top : Sia Op&Top Sopha | Yozoh*
Skirt : Mizutama Skirt Brown | DP*YumYum
Cardigan : Patterned Cardigan Chinese Florals | Nylon Outfitters
Shoes : Hemp Flat Shoes Sunflower Natural | Love Soul


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  1. OHMAI u on a roll!! =D
    I love how the cardi peeks from underneath and add more floral to the ensemble hahaz
    Happy invo clearing! <33 muah~

  2. Love the dress and skin is stunning!!! <3

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