Red Heads & Lace

Red Heads & Lace

May 11, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

…when in doubt wear red…

Gosh! Blogging withdrawals kicking in bad~
I should really wait a little while before posting this but I was really happy with the look and can’t help myself. Pardon the spammage! It’s been quite some time since I really felt the blogging bug hit me this hard ^^

Once in a while I like to surf through to see some RL fashion taking place. There’s a particular girl named Tahti Syrjala whom I really love! I like a good dose of redheads and her styling is always impeccable. This look that I did kinda reminded me of her somewhat — the sleek black cuts and the vivid red hair was probably what resembled Tahti. Hope you guys like it!

Red Heads & Lace

It started off with me trying to mix and match Noju‘s new Spring Lace dress which comes in a skirt or romper/pants version and in 3 different lengths per set! So there’s so many variety of ways for you to don this item. I decided to wear it with Maitreya‘s Bubble Skirt which I have been meaning to wear ever since their release. Maitreya’s new line has some really amazing color palettes and I love it’s subtleness. Onyx really did an amazing job~

Black and Nude has always been one of my favorite color combinations and it goes well with eha‘s new hair, Chiko in Orange! I love the messiness of the hair which contrasts well with the tailored-ness of the outfit.

To add a pop of color, a huge thanks to Valena for dropping me her new Stella Clutch! This clutch comes in a myriad of colors and will be available in her upcoming brand ORTA. Valena recently learnt Maya and is just such a brilliantly fast student! I love the teaser pictures she’s been giving us in Plurk and I know I’m on the edge of my seats regarding her new brand~ Keep a look out!!

Red Heads & Lace

Thank you guys again for reading!! <3


Look #1

Skin : Bird Skin Princess 5 | Fashionably Dead
Eyes : Eko Eye GH E | Tekuteku
Lash : Lashes of Petals | Glam Affair
Hair : Chiko Orange | eha
Nails : Gift Nails Red | MAI
Top : Spring Lace Dress | Noju
Skirt : BubbleSkirt Dress Black-Seashell | Maitreya
Tights : Silhouettes Light Tights | !Ohmai
Bag : Stella Clutch Leaf | ORTA (Valena Glushenko) *Unreleased*
Shoes : Barcelona Slingback Black | Armidi


  1. We need more red heads on the feeds :)

  2. Love your styling + love that you used my clutch! You look amazing in that skin <333

  3. OMG!I love this look!i’m a red head in rl!lol
    Everything, from the hair to the handbag, looks perfect together

    i’ve always been a fan of your work ^^

  4. Your styling is impeccable!
    I love your blog, and can’t wait to see more <33

  5. So cute!!! I love those petal lashes…have to go get them!! Great look. <3

  6. work it!..hope to catch you soon!

  7. awesome post Anya! you know im huge fan of youssss

  8. Lizzie: Yes we do! I initially wanted to be a red head blogger before I picked blonde and then now I’m all over the place loll~ You’re one of my fav red heads around sexeh thing :D

    Valena: Muas muas muas! I love your clutch so much! Can’t wait to see you open~

    SaraJessica: And i’m a huge fan of yours!! Where have you been?? Come back come back~ I miss your pretty face and your lovely styling and impeccable images! I’d never guess you’re a redhead in RL though, for some reason that never came to mind. But how awesome! I love my gingers :D

    Valletta: Thank you! I’m pretty inspired recently blogging wise so hopefully you guys will definitely see more of me around :D

    Elisabeth: Yay!! I have all these awesome avant garde lashes laying around my inv. that I never ever use — so glad I manage to use one finally! <3 muas!

    Chance: Whoo hope to see you soon too :D <3 I hope you're not too piled up with housework!

    Nina: Ninabuns!! Thank youuu <3<3 ILY!

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