Grey Spring

Grey Spring

April 24, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything ~ William Shakespeare

In a blink of an eye, Spring is here… whoohoo~ As I’m now in Singapore, there really isn’t seasons, which is why I’m glad I can “live” its fashion out in SL! Thinking about Spring, we normally associate florals and bright happy colors with it. Grey is probably not the color that comes to mind, but what happens when all season long you’ve been stocking up on monochromatic colors? You can’t simply just throw them away! When shopping I have a tendency to go for whites or greys when picking monochromatic palettes so my inventory ends up bursting with those 2 choices. For this post, I thought of using the color grey as the main aspect for a look, and mixing about other pieces to make the look fitting for Spring! Hope you guys enjoy~~

Firstly though, one awesome thing is MY UGLYDOROTHY‘s new skin Vienna! Sopha has been trying to reinvent her skins image and this one is definitely more sexy and womanly as compared to her previous skin lines. Vienna is a mainly tanned skin so all 3 skin tones (Light, Medium and Tanned) are within the tan range. I’m sporting all 3 different skin tones for you guys to get a glimpse of how each of them looks. All 3 skin tone has 30 different makeups. So jump on over and take a look!!

Grey Spring I


This look is a girly chic look which came about with me cleaning out my inventory and finding this lovely long tunic shirt Essenza from Glam Affair (Formerly known as Beauty Avatar). This grey piece is appropriate for Spring for its flexi lightness~ I like the color combination of Grey and Yellow which is why I decided to sport this adorable skirt from Mustache. It has such a feminine lemon color which works very well with the look. Throw on a loose scarf so as not to add too much weight like this classic one from Ce Cubic.

I accessorized the look with a huge straw hat from COCO and the cutest woven bag from LG Concept. To keep the look from looking overly feminine and obvious, I wore Mustache‘s Moccasin shoes. Another thing I really love about this look is Kin‘s newer releases, Sia. I really love Kin’s hair and have always tried to hop in there occasionally to see what new hair has been brewed. There’s so many styles there to suit any tastes and look, so if you’ve never been there, head on over!

Grey Spring II


The next look is something more feminine but with a cute appeal. Suetabulous Yootz from BeetleBones has been busy with her newly opened Pookie Promenade and I’ve seen her slaved for months to finish the place up together with making new goodies for you guys. If you haven’t went down to take a look at her new items, you are seriously missing out on some amazing stuff! For example this Lucia High Waisted Skirt comes in several other colors and is just the most adorable skirt with eekle buttons~~ The skirt itself looks as if it’s made of a heavier fabric so wear it with something lighter and less cumbersome on the top to befit the season. Coral and grey is yet another color combination that is really pretty. I wore‘s tank in coral and added Decoy‘s new Lynn scarf to really add some feminine touches to the look. This scarf comes in solids, florals and a mixed color set which looks like tie dye. I really love the floral ones as it’s so spring worthy and compliments so many different looks!

The hair I’m wearing comes from eha, a store i’ve been meaning to check out but never had the time to. I finally went a few days ago and was thrilled to find this adorable cut as a freebie! To make it look less unisexual, I wore Fresh Thrash‘s shoelace head accessory. Fresh Thrash has some adorable head bands which are really great accessories for the season. Shoe wise, I’ve been on an oxford craze lately hence why Picnic‘s shoes make me squeal in joy as in comes in several adorable fabrics!

Grey Spring III


For this final look, I really wanted to do an all monochromatic palette and then boosting it with a statement necklace. The trick of wearing monochromatics for Spring is to be lighter fabrics and the grid is currently brimming with choices! AOHARU‘s relaxed pleated jeans are great loose denim which looks as if its been worn over and over again for a very soft linen feel. Pair it with oyakin‘s tunic top which has been modified slightly (simply shorten the dress into a top) for something breezy. I wore COCO‘s more structured vest over it to give the look a bit of edge~

I love how 50 Linden Fridays can bring us some of the most adorable things for a budget price. Hence why I immediately tped over to Surf Co when I found out these pair of shoelace sandals are selling for 50L! It’s the most creative sandals and just so endearing~~ Like I said earlier on, I wanted a statement necklace to add a pop of color to a look, which is why Zaara‘s turquoise necklace came just at the right time for me. I do love turquoise jewelry and I think this necklace is just simply stunninnnggg just as all Zaara’s pieces are!

I hope you guys enjoyed these looks and that it inspired you to reuse some of those grey pieces in your inventory for this season! Don’t throw them away~~~


Look #1

Skin : ViennaT09 | MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eye : Allure Gray 3 | CHAI
Nails : French Manicure Basic | NUT
Lashes : Allure | Amacci
Hair : Sia Red | Kin
Hat : Straw Hat Natural | COCO
Skirt : High Waisted Skirt Lemon | Mustache
Inner : Cole Boatneck Top Taupe Grey | Whippet & Buck
Top : Plain & Tidy Cami White | Tres Blah
Jacket : Essenza Grey | Beauty Avatar (now Glam Affair)
Scarf : Stole Dark Gray | Ce Cubic
Bag : Eunique Bag Beanie Grey | LG Concept
Shoe : Moccasin Tan | Mustache

Look #2

Skin : ViennaL030 | MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eye : Allure Sea 1 | CHAI
Nails : French Manicure Basic | NUT
Lashes : Natural Lashes 2 | Glam Affair
Hair : Jean Sienna | eha
Hair Accessory : Shoelace Headband | Fresh Thrash
Skirt : Lucia High Waisted Skirt Silver| BeetleBones
Inner : Sessi White Bra | Candy Couture
Top : Traveler’s Tank Coral |
Sock : Leather Band Suspender Socks Gray | Picnic
Scarf : Lynn Scarf Floral White | Decoy
Shoe : Panu Shoes Deer | Picnic

Look #3

Skin : ViennaM08 | MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eye : Allure Sage 1 | CHAI
Nails : Gift Nails White | MAI
Lashes : Charm | Amacci
Hair : Annie Jupiter | Truth
Pants : Jeans Relaxed Pleat Pants Gray | AOHARU
Inner : Rachelle Cropped Bustier Antique| Whippet & Buck
Top : Antique One Piece Powder | Oyakin
Vest : Short Vest Stripe Gray | COCO
Necklace : Kaya Necklace Turquoise Gold | Zaara
Bracelet : Peace Bracelet Copper Tinted | Naughty
Shoe : Shoelace Sandals | Surf Couture


Sh33k Poses, Torrid Wear, Leafy, Au Soleil, AF (destiny Philbin), Ks2cool, Hi-Fi (Eri Helendale), MNK, LOTTA, NeILOW, Ribbon, Freya (kuroe Betsen)


  1. Yay! I get so happy when i find posts about Spring Fashion – love the spin on grey cuz some would not think of that color as traditionally ‘springy’ but you work it out Anya!


  2. Awesome outfits and grey works so great on these!

  3. I love the concept of these looks, and the idea behind them!

    Very well done, and again, welcome back to blogging :]

  4. <3 thank you Ashe!! *hugs*

  5. Thank you!!! And yay for a new blogger in town~~~

  6. Thank you Justice <3 I love Spring fashion too! I think it's some of the most feminine times of the year :D <3

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