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Ohmai's 52 Weeks of Color : Goldenrod

Ohmai’s 52 Weeks of Color : Goldenrod

November 21, 2010 |  by  |  52 Weeks of Color Challenge, anya ohmai, lookbook

I was really excited to do this week’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge — partly cause I have a soft spot for yellows and I do believe it’s one of the hardest colors to get right while creating. Goldenrod is a shade of yellow that resembles the Goldenrod plant, it’s really a more desaturated brown shade of yellow which i find looks great with olives, browns and even a deep maroon. Although for this challenge I wanted to do looks which are mainly of just that week’s palette. So I hope my full on goldenrod look works as well as if I had mixed in colors, I had tons of help with floral prints on the grid to add a little bit of texture!

This is my first time taking a snapshot from Secondlife’s Viewer 2; I’m really not used to the new interface of the viewer although I love how we can attach multiple objects to the same attachment point, wear multiple layers of clothing, tattoos and alpha and all that good stuff. That’s an excellent bit that helps bloggers mix and match layers so much more easily! This look might not have been possible without the help of that new feature. more?

Free & Easy Does It

Free & Easy Does It

November 17, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

Whenever Minnu releases a new skin, I always feel excited to see how it turns out, the girl keeps tweaking and improving her skins to fit what you guys love and I really have to applaud her dedication to that! LeLutka‘s latest release (Coming out Friday, 19 November) called Mila offers various tattoo options for brows, hair bases and this time round there’s a special teeth option too! Some people hate the way skins with teeth looks from the side but this release goes around that problem by providing us with prim teeth as opposed to tattoo layer. You get an alpha cut out on the lip so that you can move and edit the prim to fit your lip. I’m feeling that the teeth is a little too white and needs bit of shadowing, but the whiteness does make it very obvious from afar. Lately i’ve been obsessed with teeth in secondlife, so this new option is really opening more doors for that! So be sure to drop on by and demo Mila, cause this skin is uber pretty~ I love the lip shape and of course LeLutka noses have always been precious~

I wanted to do a more casual simple look because every time I wear LeLutka skins, I have a tendency to go all couture and high fashion. I wanted to try a different approach this time, not sure how well it works but I’m liking the simplicity of it! Hope you guys do too ^^
By the way, a very exciting event is happening very very soon…. pssttt one eleven… if you haven’t heard about it, I suggest adding them on plurk! You really don’t wanna miss this one! more?

Ohmai's 52 Weeks of Color : Blue

Ohmai’s 52 Weeks of Color : Blue

November 13, 2010 |  by  |  52 Weeks of Color Challenge, anya ohmai, lookbook

I’ve been meaning to do Luna Jubilee‘s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge since last week but I manage to somehow lost track of time and missed the first week! Eeeps~~ But better late than never on such an awesome inspiring thing, so I decided I’ll shift the “Gray” from the first week to my last week, and start my first week of this challenge with blue! The idea of it is to finish a look mostly using the current week’s featured color, if you’re interested in participating in this challenge, do check out Luna’s blog to get the links to the flickr group and all that shebang! You don’t need to be a blogger to do this challenge, as long as it inspires you, why not?

For this week’s color of blue, I decided to drop the layers from autumn, and do something a little less bundled up. To me blue’s a color that kinda goes with the word “sad” very often, which is why I really wanted to make sure the look I did was adorable and fun without feeling the blues mood~ I think denim comes in real handy for this weeks color as well. I hope this inspires those of you who haven’t had a chance to check out this challenge, would be awesome to see some more people posting their looks up! Whoohoo! Enjoy~ more?

Take One Step Forward

Take One Step Forward

November 12, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

This is a somewhat continuation of my previous post, or really, i’ve been feeling super autumn inspired lately so my looks might be a little repetitive. I apologize, but it’s really one the most awesome seasons! All that layering goodness! Cinnamon is another version of the previous lamb hair I blogged, Honey — only it has thick full bangs/fringe. I always think bangs/fringes like these remind me of childlike fun, so I wanted to do a look that mimics that. Quirky autumn textures and prints galore! These brand new Nordic Pants from NINIKO are just pure love! The prints are so adorable and it comes in various colors, so pick your favorite Nordic texture to embrace the cold weather…

I managed to get shadows to work on my mac using the official mesh test viewer, it’s still super slow but I think it’s because my computer’s practically dying. Strawberry Singh covered this on her blog and you can read all about it here! Thanks to both her and Raul Crimson for giving us mac users a heads up! So if you’re running sl on a mac and you wanna see some shadows, give the test viewer a shot. I hope one day I get to play around with taking pictures inworld with shadows but for now, I’m glad I finally got to see what all this shadow amazingness is all about, even if it means getting my desktop completely frozen in the process~ more?

Blow Me Away

Blow Me Away

November 10, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

Lamb is certainly one of my favorite hair stores and i’m sure it goes the same for many of you out there. Something about the richness of her color tones, the meticulous way she does her sculpting and the feminine yet chic styles she produces, it never fails to get me excited every time lamb has a new release! I love the waves of Honey, and how natural and free it is. So I wanted to do a simple look today just to capture the essence of this hair style… nothing over the top, just simple casual prettiness!

Another store I wanted to highlight is JANE; the store that made this pretty little dress. I love the colors offered at this store, and there’s quite a few basics that can be pulled in to our sl wardrobe, so give it a check and maybe you might find something that catches your eye! more?