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November 30, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

A few lovely things to check out in this entry and I’m so thrilled to share them with you guys. First of the gorgeous hair comes from booN, booN has lately become one of my favorite places to test out the new v2.0 options, their hair bases come in 3 options for different hair attachments they’ve been releasing lately (high, medium and low). booN hair pieces are extremely versatile and I always find it fun to kinda mix and match them to create different hair styles. I truly hope they keep releasing these hair pieces because they’re so darn fun to play around!

Tram has recently released these gorgeous piping shirts and I loveeee the casual chicness of it. This is extremely versatile, it comes more like a dress/tunic when you purchase it but with a bit of modding, you can turn it into a simple top. Tram has always brought great work onto the table and I’m excited to see her future creations!

The grey coat comes from KiiToS who lately has had a sad run in with a copybotter. A lot of our fellow designers on the grid have worked long and hard hours to create items in Second Life; sure to some it might be childs play to be in secondlife, but I hope that there are many out there who realize the hard work that goes behind every single piece being made. We can’t help art work being stolen on the internet, sadly that’s a risk that comes with releasing anything in the virtual world. But I hope that if you ever see copybot work, please do not purchase them and submit a ticket or at least let the creator know about it.

One last thing before I leave you guys! Couverture‘s tops are part of this cute idea made by ARAI called the T-Shirt Factory. ARAI is currently selling T-Shirt Kits and some have decided to create lovely pieces with the kit and are selling them over at the T-Shirt Factory outlet thingy. The Landmark below leads you guys over there, so check it out! I think it’s such a fun idea and ARAI has always been one of my favorite places for tees, they’ve got quite a good niche with creating realistic yet hand drawn looking clothes! more?

Jumping Through Mud Puddles

Jumping Through Mud Puddles

November 30, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

Just a very simple look today which features some items I have been wanting to for the past week or so, a big huge thank you to Fugees and Ruca for creating these gorgeous pieces! First off, this adorable dress comes from fore; there’s intricate patterns around the chest and just done with so much softness and girly amazingness. I love the transparent frilly bits on the shoulders and I really do think it’ll be a lovely piece to have in every feminine girl’s wardrobe. I wanted to pair this dress off with Aurora Shop‘s brand new hair which has been seen quite abit on flickr lately and I can’t blame that really, it’s such an interesting hair! I love how it’s swept to one side and done in Fugee’s amazingly realistic hair texture, I’ve always been sad that she only does her hair in a few colors (sometimes only one like this particular one) but I do think it gives her more time to really perfect each and every creation she does. So big huge thank yous to these two amazing creators for bringing us such loveliness.

i wanted to do a really girly look for these items, and it’s been quite some time since I actually bothered with jewelry. I find second life jewelry sometimes loses its appeal when you take a shot from a distance, but some pieces are made so intricately that you can’t help but admire what pieces of art they are. I hope that I manage to capture the beauty of these pieces made by very talented designers. more?

Ohmai’s 52 Weeks of Color : Plum

Ohmai’s 52 Weeks of Color : Plum

November 29, 2010 |  by  |  52 Weeks of Color Challenge, anya ohmai, lookbook

So for this week’s 52 Weeks of Color challenge, I’m being a tad bit rebellious about it. I really don’t like the color purple to be honest, it’s a shade of color I’ve never quite embraced so when I found out this week’s color was Plum, I felt a stab of fear~ I went into my inventory and put on everything purple I had only I laugh at the looks I come up with because really this color scares me more than orange and black on Halloween, or green on St Patrick’s day. Then I decided to just suck it up and find 1 piece to concentrate on. Plum to me has always been 2 types of purple, 1 is a deep shade of bruise and 1 is a reddish rich purple — the one posted on Luna‘s page seemed a little more lilac to me really. So I hope it’s alright that I rebelled and decided to do my reddish purple, I promise i’ll stick to sepia next week!

Tres Blah‘s blooming blouse has been a piece I’ve wanted to wear for ages but for some reason remain hidden in the far corners of my inventory. I’m glad I could pull it out this time to make it my main focus piece. The browns from the hat and shoes help me balance off the overly purple, wine look. I was surprised by how the lip shade of Tres Blah‘s Joy skin also matches the color of Epoque‘s pants! This delicious skin comes from one eleven and I believe is already out of stock now, I’m excited to see Juliette’s future skins, she truly has mastered a feminine appeal and I love how soft and luminescent this is. The hair from lamb as well comes from one eleven, this of course has been all over the feeds and flickr, but I just had to show you guys again how amazing this is. I was about ready to kill for this hair, so I’m hugging it tight and showering it with all the love in my heart!!

Another item from one eleven which I’m not sure has sold out or not are flowey‘s poses. Flowey has been one of my favorite places to purchase poses from, there’s something about her poses that are very graceful and natural but chic at the same time. The ones she had out for one eleven are lovely! I’m glad I manage to snag them before the event ends too. If you love collecting poses, you need to drop by one eleven and get this set <3 more?

Paint Me a Different Color...

Paint Me a Different Color…

November 27, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

Yet another lovely release from LeLutka, Minnu’s on quite a roll! This gorgeous Natasha skin should be available sometime tomorrow, or perhaps coming really soon — i’m not 100% certain of the release time but do keep a look out in LeLutka’s update group! I haven’t done formal portraits in a while on my blog and when Natasha was dropped on me, I just felt inspired to do a portrait shoot for it. Partly because i’m obsessed with viewer 2.3′s ability to mix and match tattoos as well, I finally can showcase Gyorgyna’s gorgeous Paint Makeup which is currently available in LG Concept‘s Albero Gacha. There’s a total of 9 different colors to get, and I showcased all 9 under the cut, so do give that Gacha a shot! I’m in love with the colors Gyo picked out and it was super duper fun editing these.

Natasha has really luscious lips and the highlight above the lip is very softly done to look incredibly full. The overall shading is definitely a lot softer than their older skins, it comes down to preference regarding which you prefer. I do love Minnu for always changing things up and trying out new things, experimentation can only make her better. I personally prefer the older bodies a lot more, but I do like the matte-ness of the face, it’s a tad bit more realistic due to that as well. I recommend reading Sasy Scarborough’s review on Natasha, it offers a more accurate description of what’s included and some of the makeups it comes with as well. The pictures I did have been edited and not to mention I mixed and matched several different makeups, lashes etc… so I recommend demoing the skin to really see how it works on your shape. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did making em!

So One Eleven is currently underway, I would just officially like to thank everyone who bought my sweater (It’s currently sold out and I still can’t believe it went that fast!!) and those who went for the event. Speaking about experimentation, I believe this event is a good example of that; the event organizers have took great pains to try out something new in our community. Obviously lag was an issue and I’m definitely one of those who nearly broke a finger trying to teleport into the sim; but at the end of the day, I’m thrilled to be at the event both as a designer and a customer as well. I haven’t felt this excited for something in Second Life in a long long time, so it’s really quite a breath of fresh air for me and I hope many of you felt that way too — negative or positive, if it made an impact in your hearts, I hope it shows how much we care for our little lives within this virtual reality world. more?

A New Face

A New Face

November 24, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, lookbook

In my previous post I mentioned fiddling about with viewer 2′s ability to attach multiple prims to the same attachment and wearing multiple alpha and tattoo layers; I wanted to truly play around with that for this post. There’s so many options of makeups and teeth popping around the grid recently and I’ve been really obsessed with mixing and matching those. I’ve worn Uglydorothy‘s Anya skin as a default for the longest time and with this new option, I can create a face that looks completely different from the original skin just by layering tattoos over each other and it’s so much fun! For those who haven’t fiddled about with it and want to give viewer 2 a try, remember that you need to right click and then add to layer multiple times. Thank you Ashe for telling me, I kept right clicking and wearing and it wouldn’t work until she told me the right way to go about doing it~~

This post also features a brand new Toggle Jacket from TokiDoki, it comes in various color options and is just adorable! I love the different colored pockets, the little details of the buttons and closure. Hearts and Loves, thank you Maya for dropping me these *hugs* more?