Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes

August 7, 2011 |  by  |  events, Hogwarts: Your Story, lookbook, role play

By now my plurk & flickr friends are probably getting annoyed with my constant HP spammage. I’m such a huge geek over the Harry Potter series in RL, but my friends mostly aren’t. So whilst I’m in SecondLife, I have the opportunity to go completely-nerd-faise on it. Yet another big shootout to the upcoming Role Play called Hogwarts: Your Story – the staff have been working terribly hard on this and even before the role play starts, there’s already plenty to keep you occupied!

You can start creating your characters by joining the in world group and looking at the notices for the application, you can participate in their riddle solving which involves finding a clue and… AH! Can’t tell you more, it’s a riddle within a riddle~ And of course, like most other eager fashionistas who are participating, you can start creating outfits for your soon-to-be character.

Before coming into SecondLife, I’m a huge role-player on forums and such — the process of creating characters and building them up has always been the favorite part of role playing for me. This will be my first venture into the role playing world in SecondLife, and I’m quite nervous, so pardon me if I slip up once in a while. This post is truly dedicated to the magic that JK Rowling has brought to us. As a child of 8 Years old, I picked up her first book and that opened my eyes to a world filled with imagination. If it wasn’t for Harry Potter, I probably wouldn’t love creating as much as I do now. I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today. As dramatic as that sounds, my real life friends would definitely agree!

I’ve created 16 different shapes and characters, 4 for each house. Each with a story that I formed in my head, and I’d hope that when you see each of them, they would somehow come to life for you as well. The possibilities of creating characters is endless within SecondLife, as opposed to forums where you usually use Play Bys (Images of Models/Actors that represent your character). This gives us more ways to give each character a life and personality of its own. So I hope you guys have fun seeing this and also creating your own unique character for the role play!

Oh and of course, if you’ve been having trouble with your Uniforms, these characters might inspire you a bit. But! Some of them are breaking the Uniform code (tsk tsk) so be sure to read the In-Character Rules if you don’t want to lose house points at the start of term!

The Image above is shrunk insanely, so full view it if you wish to see the full effect, or just read on to see each house in their glory~ more?