the Season's a Coming II ~

the Season’s a Coming II ~

September 26, 2010 |  by  |  elliot ohmai, lookbook

More awesome goodies from the Seasons Hunt!! Have you guys done it yet? If not… whatcha waiting for? Go gogooooo~~ There’s no order for this hunt which is pretty special, which means you can go to any of the participating vendors and just search for their autumn leaves — so if some designers are late, feel free to just hop to any other store. I’m still doing male looks for now, thank you guys for the good response to that! Male styling has me nervous everytime cause it’s a pretty foreign aspect to me — I don’t really know how guys should dress and simply do it the way I think looks good? I’m glad you guys are liking it <3 *muas*

One little update outside the Seasons Hunt is YunA’s Hair! My first look features a freebie hair from them and it’s really meant for females but ultra versatile for guys too me thinks. YunA’s Hair recently moved to a brand new mainstore and all their older hairs aren’t there so I’m thinking they’re either retired or still not put up yet. However there’s some brand new styles which are pretty adorable to look at too. I sadly only got their freebie hair cause the rest are pretty voluminous for my head, but do check out the store! more?

the Season's a Coming I ~

the Season’s a Coming I ~

September 25, 2010 |  by  |  elliot ohmai, lookbook

I know I just blooggeedd… but I’m utterly bored and heavily insomniac at the moment, so please forgive the spam <3
Another male styling just cause I’m feeling inspired to do just that! I mentioned before in my previous post about the Seasons Hunt and I decided to showcase some adorable items from the hunt through Elliot here. And i’m horribly sad about not blogging Paper Couture much earlier because they are just that awesome — so I wanted to show a little piece of PC in my look as well. Which comes from this polka dotted suit. I believe its meant for females since it comes with an adorable belt, but hey! PC suits have always been pretty versatile for men~ I’m not one that loves tribal much in RL but in SL it’s always interesting to see how one can mix and match such pieces. Most of PC’s new collection features tons of tribal inspired gear and I think that’s never quite been done before in SL so it was quite a good breath of fresh air. Then again, when isn’t paper couture fresh air eh? more?

Geeks in Pink

Geeks in Pink

September 25, 2010 |  by  |  anya ohmai, elliot ohmai, lookbook

Weee random non sl related thing, I just made a font!! Haha… I used my own usual handwriting to make it — or at least a rough idea of my handwriting… so I’m using it for the top graphic’s font thingy. \o/\o/ I haven’t did male styling in a while and it’s been something I wanted to do for ageless~~ I think the reason why clothes in sl can be a lot of fun is the ability to mix genders when it comes to dressing up. Sure my male styling is really feminine compared to usual males in real life, but hey! I can only wish that it happens XD Hope you guys like this couple look in pink — the color of love, romance and all that kindsa sweet stuff!

Oh! And I’m not sure if you guys have dropped by to DUnltd yet; but you definitely should check out the sim hosting the event. SLOW has been created by a bunch of really talented Japanese SL designers and I’m terribly honored to have met some of them during my visit over. kinbo Akina owner of oyakin is the designer who made this gorgeous pink polka dotted dress, she has a store at SLOW and her store has got to be one of my favorite store interiors in the whole of SL, so clean, so simple and just timeless. I must say her items are just as so. shiroyagi Writer & nyasyousa Oh, the owners of Picnic and the very talented builders of SLOW can’t be forgotten in the mention of this sim, their hard work and dedication to bringing us one of the most gorgeous sims in SL has got to be applauded. Thank you nyasyousa for your hospitality <3 I am very thankful! Check out picnic’s make shift airport over at SLOW — if you’re fond of taking inworld shots, I can’t imagine how you can pass up the opportunity to take some here… this sim is breathtaking! more?